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Friday, 19 July 2013

A short hop.

Map picture
Travelled 1.2 miles, worked 1 lock in a time of 50 minutes.

A very nice evening was spent at Fiskerton and we enjoyed our meal in The Bromley Arms. Keith had Beef and Ale Pie and I had Scampi, this was after a platter starter. This was all washed down by a pint each of Old Speckled Hen. After a quiet night we were both awake early. I was listening to Oyster Catchers flying past with there high pitched Kleep-Kleep call.


With us being in no rush to do the short hop, we did not leave the pub mooring until 9.25 am and really did not speed along, I think we were on just over tick over.


Our green and pleasant land is looking a little dry at the moment, the land has been baked in this mini heat wave and with that comes issues of making sure we dispose of BBQ’s properly, because there have been reports of grass fires breaking out.

As we approached Hazelford Lock we had hoped we may be able to moor up below the lock, but the lower moorings were all taken. So we waited for Neil the lock keeper to allow us in the lock.


I spoke to Neil the volunteer lock keeper and he said there were plenty of moorings above the lock, but it was a 2 metre wall. I said we would be prepared to give it a try.


We did moor up and yes the wall is high, Paddy is going to have a panic attack when he see’s what he has to get over to have a wee later on. But with the help of Keith and I, he will manage to get off the roof. The reason for mooring up was we were concerned that if we went on to the Gunthorpe pontoon moorings and they were full, we would have to then carry on to Holme Lock. It was 6 miles to Gunthorpe and a further 7 miles on to Holme Lock and definitely by then all the moorings would be taken. With the weather being so good and the holidays, moorings are hard to come by at the moment and especially a 70ft mooring. Neil the lock keeper said “The main complaints on the River are the lack of mooring places” and I have to agree with him.


There are a number of Oyster Catchers near the lock, they seem to like the River Trent as we have seen no end of them over the past week or so, along with Terns, Gulls, Herons, Ducks etc


Hazelford Ferry Weir.


The weir on the other side of the river known as The Nabbs.

I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend and some photograph opportunities.

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