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Monday, 3 April 2017

Lazing around.


Hi Friends and Followers.

What an incredible weekend weather wise. It was incredibly warm, which is making everything in the garden grow.


We are so pleased with the way our garden is coming along this year. Over the weekend we did a bit in the garden and the rest of it listening to the radio, because Wasps Rugby team were out in Ireland taking on Leinster, in the European Cup on Saturday. Sadly Wasps lost their Quarter final 32-17. But they still have a lot to play for at home. Then on Sunday Coventry City Football Club were taking on Oxford United in the Checkatrade trophy at Wembley. After a nail biting second-half, Coventry gave their fans something to cheer about by winning 2-1. Oh and I must not forget the boat race, which was won by Oxford for the men and Cambridge for the women. Phew I am exhausted just thinking about it all.

Monday morning and the sun was out again and we had another wonderful day. I got on with painting the mop poles, whilst Keith did a bit more in the garden. I then had to nip into town for a bit, before coming back and doing lunch.


Both Paddy and Marmite made the most of the lovely weather, by lazing about on the pontoon. Paddy normally spends all his time on the back counter of the boat, but of late he has really enjoyed being on the pontoon. I think he has finally realised it is his pontoon and he does not have to stay on the boat.


Marmite enjoyed lounging on a crochet blanket on the bench. Paddy decided he wanted a bit of comfort so joined her. In this photograph Marmite does look a little smug, because she has the blanket and paddy does not.


After doing a bit of gardening and lunch, Keith went into Leamington-Spa to buy a strimmer, to do the edges behind our garden. It gets very untidy, so we can now get it under control. We are proud of our bit of garden and like to keep it looking nice, after all we have to look out on it everyday when we are at home. The rest of my day was spent nattering in the office and to our neighbour, who had been to Ireland to see the Wasps match. All in all a pretty lazy Monday for me. Tomorrow will be different though.

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