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Thursday 13 April 2017

Thursday’s mutterings.

Hello Friends and Followers.

What not to do?

Do not leave the toilet seat up when having a wash, because you will lose the soap into the toilet cassette. This is a note to everyone. Last night this is what happened to Keith. Our basin in our tiny bathroom is behind our toilet and whilst he was washing, the soap slipped out of hands and flew into the toilet and down into the cassette. Keith was all for fishing the soap out with a plastic bag over his hand, but I said don’t worry about it, I will get it out when I empty the cassette, which is what I did this morning when I emptied the cassette.

Being a Thursday it was food shopping day, so whilst Keith went off to Aldi at 9 am, I made a mental note on my to do list for the morning. First job after the usual morning jobs, was to give our freshly cleaned flue a brush, before making the fire up for the day. There is a keen breeze, so I am keeping the stove in for a bit longer. Second job was to empty the cassette and throw away the soap which saw fit to fly into the toilet. I then put the hoover round and washed the floors. Both Paddy and Marmite never like being anywhere near the hoover, when it is going. I have no idea why they do not like the hoover, because they have never been frightened by it, but both like to head for the back cabin whilst I do my clean-up. Once that was done, the floors then got a wash over with a damp cloth. The joys of having laminated flooring is the fact that they are easy to wash. I remember on our old boat, we had carpet in the saloon and lino in the galley. The carpet was a nightmare, especially when you have a wet dog and clothing and it was also hard to keep clean. We made the decision that with Hadar we would have laminated flooring throughout and lino in the back cabin.

I like to wear hair hands with my hair being long. I cannot wear the elastic ones, they never stay in place, so I buy plastic ones, usually from Claire’s Accessories. Last year I bought a material covered hairband, but have not worn it much, as it did not really go with what I wear and it had a bow on it, so I decided that I would recover it, with some fabric I had in my sewing box and I added a button for detailing. I am pretty chuffed with my effort and I will now wear it.


10 am coffee time, with the chance to catch-up on e-mails and Facebook.. I was never one who was into Facebook. Keith went on it first in order to keep in touch with his family, I then followed suit and set up my account. I must admit I do love the fact I can keep in touch with family and friends, it also helps when meeting up with boating friends. The one thing that drives me mad is people airing their political views. That is not why I use Facebook, so if people feel the need to push their political views on me, they will get muted. Also anyone who sees fit to air their hate for others who are my friends will get blocked. I am all for friendship and none confrontation where ever possible.

11 am Keith arrives home laden down with food goodies. I made him a much needed coffee and then I stowed the items away, which he caught his breath before lunchtime. During the morning along with my running jobs list, I also cooked meatballs in pasta sauce, which we would have with Spagetti. It is a favourite of ours. After lunch, Keith headed off on the bus to Tesco to get a few items that he could not get at Aldi. Marmite’s fish cannot be bought at Aldi and they had no Liver, so with his bus pass he went off again. Having a bus pass is an amazing thing, and I cannot wait to get mine. That is of course if they are still doing them when I reach 60 years of age. I know one should not wish ones life away, but it would be nice for us both to have them, so we can go out together for free.

After a busy old morning, I felt like being like Marmite.


This was her after lunch. Anyone would think she had worked hard. I took a leaf out of her book and lounged. Not on the shelf like her, but in my chair and watched films. Dwayne Johnson has come along way since he gave up wrestling. He was The Tooth Fairy. I wonder if this was what he had planned when he gave up the ring? To be far he is a pretty good actor.

It is the Easter Weekend and the roads and canals will be heaving, so I know where I am better off this weekend.

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