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Friday, 12 May 2017

Catching Up.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Just when you think things are on the up, something comes along and kicks you in the teeth. In my case not literally, but I have not felt right for a few days, so sorry for not posting. The men will now turn to another page at this point, because this is women talk and more importantly the Menopause and its joys.
I have been going through the Menopause since about 2007 and yes I am still going through it. About Three years ago, I decided enough was enough and I would go on HRT, because I was finding the joint pain to much to put up with. I could cope with the night sweats and the other delightful things the Menopause throws our way, but the joint pain was the thing which tipped me over the edge. I have been doing pretty well and most things have been under control, but of late I have developed a new problem, which has me needing the loo more and more. It comes and goes and at the moment it is here and annoying. I have felt rubbish for a few days and unlike me I have been nodding off during the afternoon. Yesterday I did very little, in fact I spent most of my day nattering to boating friends or visitors to the Arm, which was lovely because it took my mind off needing to visit the loo. I am quite sure it will all settle back down, but I wish I knew what was triggering it off if it is not the Menopause. The only other explanation is one of my allergies and I can only think I have been having too much Nickel in my diet of late. So to test the theory I am not drinking any tea or having any chocolate, because they are full of Nickel and I do like them. I usually only have a cup of tea in the mornings, whilst watching the BBC news in bed, but of late I have had a couple of cups a day, so it maybe that I am overdosing on Nickel. I will let you know whether my theory pans out.

This morning (Friday) it is raining Hooray. I know you are probably thinking argh we do not need the rain, but we definitely do. The canals, rivers and our garden needs some water. It will be nice not to have to water the plants for a few days. Last night I took Paddy out for his last wee of the night and the Petrichor in the air was fantastic. There is nothing like it when rain falls on dry soil and the smell of freshly mown grass is another lovely smell. So please do not moan about the rain, because it is going to help keep us a step further away from a hosepipe ban and canals having restrictions on them.
Update on the generator. The poorly one is definitely coming out hopefully next week. Simon our engineer is trying to find a local firm for us to go to, so we can look at and hear the generator we have decided on, which is a Warrior. If we like it, then we will sort out having it fitted, with of course making sure it is fitted to the Boat Safety regulations. I will keep you posted on the progress.


  1. Great post Jo. We want the rain, here at home in Somerset we harvest the rainwater for use in the house and garden, whilst most people pray for nice weather we look forward to rain clouds, drizzle is ok but it needs to have a good drip factor! Caroline

  2. Morning Caroline and Martin. Thank you for your message. I am a lover of all weathers. None of them really bother me and I guess that comes from being a boater and a farmers daughter. Rain is in demand at the moment and despite the doom and gloom of the broadcasters on the local radio this morning moaning about the weather, I am loving watching the rain dancing on the canal. The fire is lit and coffee made and I know the garden is singing with joy for the water as is the canal. Lovely to see all is going well with your boat and I love the new covers. Jo


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