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Monday, 22 May 2017

Welcome Willow.


Hello Friends and Followers.

What a stunner of a day?

It has been a gloriously sunny and hot day and so very little was done by either of us. Over the weekend we did a few jobs around the boat, which included the dismantling of the generator. Keith wanted to get it done before the heat of today. The search for a new generator is gathering pace with our new engineer. At the moment it is looking likely that we will be going with a Fischer Panda Generator. Now I know very little about them, but I do know other boaters have them and seem to like them. The plus side also with one of these generators is there are engineers around the country, including near to us who repair them should it go wrong, which is a bonus, because no one was that interested in looking at our Kohler Generator.

Yesterday we and the Arm welcomed Willow and her crew newly married James and Amy. Willow has an amazing history which can be read about on their blog. Willow was built in 1935 for Severn and Canal Carrying Company. James and Amy once moored up came and paid us a visit. We sat and nattered over tea and coffee, a lot of catching-up was done and news shared. It was wonderful to see them both again as they carry on with their Honeymoon cruise. Eventually they will be heading up to Bollington on the scenic Macclesfield Canal, where they are helping to run and manage the Wharf at Bollington. We wish them all the very best with their new adventures and hope to see them again soon.


Last night we went to the pub quiz and surprise, surprise we beat five other teams to win, which completely shocked us all.

Back to today (Monday). As I said very little done, even Marmite and Paddy have spent the day lounging. I used to be a lover of hot weather, but as age has crept upon me, I can no longer sit out in the sun. The weather forecast for the week is hot, hot, hot, so I think I maybe spending my time under cover of a parasol or inside the boat.

I was hoping to get a phone call today to say my table was being delivered this week, but I was out of luck. I may just have to ring them tomorrow to see what is happening. Keith’s new glasses are ready so he will be picking them up tomorrow and hopefully he will not lose this pair. I really need to get some more painting done, but I need to summon up the energy for that. Watch this space I may surprise you with my painting delights.

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