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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Just a little jaunt.


Hello Friends and Followers.

Yes above, that is our mooring empty. We have left the mooring for a couple of days.


Only boaters will understand the itch feet syndrome and no I do not mean Athletes foot. When a boater has been stuck for a length of time, we refer to the feeling of itchy feet, which is the feeling you need to be on the move. Both Keith and I have had such feet, having been home for over 2 months. So decision was with the weather set fair to scorchio, it was a good idea for us to get away from the Arm for a couple of days. At 8.55 am we left our home mooring, turned right out of the Arm and set off for Royal Leamington-Spa. It was absolutely glorious and we both like we had been liberated.


We met up with Mrs duck and her ducklings, she has the most amazing colouring.


Then came the Swan family.


We arrived In Royal Leamington-Spa and moored near the Railway Station. I did a quick change out of my dungerees before we set off into town for a bit of retail therapy.


The retail therapy included these sandals which were priced at £69.99 down to £22.99 and I got them for £19.00, so I feel this was a bargain, especially as I needed a new pair as my previous ones had spilt some time ago. We also went into Wilko’s to buy all we would need for blacking Hadar in July. I like to get ahead of the game and it will save us having to do it all last minute, which I hate. Shopping done, we went to the Oriental Star Chinese Buffet for lunch and it was fantastic as always. We have never had a bad meal there and for £7.45 you can eat as much as you like. They do ask that you do not waste food, which none of us should do in my opinion. Scrummy lunch eaten and back at the boat, we untied and headed out to Radford Semele, where we winded the boat and found one of the couple of places left to moor.


Coffee was made and as I switched on my laptop I could hear a lovely sounding engine coming down towards us.


It was the FMC boat Crane. She sounded absolutely lovely. So here we are for the night and a nice view towards Radford Church.

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