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Friday 26 May 2017

Scorchio or what?


Hello Friends and Followers.

What another glorious day we have had. I was awake at 5 am and my alarm was set for 6 am, because today was the day when the new pontoon table was due to arrive. Because of the debacle of the past week on getting the table delivered, I decided I would be up extra early. Getting up early had the benefit that I got my laundry all done and sorted by 7 am and hung out to dry. I also got the joy of watching baby Gold Crests flitting in and out of the branches of the trees opposite the laundry room. Such a joy to see the tiny little birds and know that we have them in the Arm. Our local Squirrel was munching something beneath a tree as well. It looked like a young Squirrel, so maybe we have a new family to enjoy.

7.45 am I received a phone call from the van driver to say he was looking for me and wanted to check our postcode. I gave him further direction and within 15 minutes there he was coming through the carpark gate. Having unloaded the Three foot table from the van, he screwed the legs on and carried the table down to the pontoon, where it sits happily in the sunshine with our parasol in the middle of it.

Going back to last night, I almost had a disaster on my hands. I was helping a fellow boater by letting them into the laundry with my keys. Having spent a lengthy period nattering to them whilst their washing did its thing and then helping them with the line etc, we all went back to our boats in mind that they would be needing get back in the laundry later to put line and pegs away, so I left my keys on the work top in the boat. Marmite was in and out of the window on her lead as she does of an evening, when I heard the sound of my keys on the work top, but when I went to look for them they were no where to be seen. Somehow Marmite had carried them out of the window with her lead and yes you guessed it they were in the water arghhhh. Out came the Sea Magnet and I went ferreting around for my keys, just praying they had not gone under the boat. After a few moments of running the magnet backwards and forwards, I was so chuffed to see my keys dangling off the base of the magnet. Thankfully it is pretty shallow by the side of our boat, so if push had come to shove, I could of gotten into the water and searched for them with my hands. Anyway disaster averted thankfully.

Back to today. After sorting out the new table, I went and did some weeding in the Arm’s gardens, but it got way to hot for me and I was sweating so much it was uncomfortable, so I gave that up as a bad job. Shorts and top were the order of the day and a nice cold drink. I have decided that I am doing nothing else all day, so it will be a lazy sunny afternoon after a salad lunch. Gone are the days when I would lay out in the sun for hours.

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