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Wednesday 26 July 2017

A definite change.

Hello Dear Friends and Followers.

There was I planning ahead whilst in dry dock. I had lots of painting of the boat planned out, but it seems the weather has had other ideas, and so since we have been home on our mooring the weather has definitely been changeable, so no painting has yet taken place. The weather forecast is for this weather to continue over the coming weekend as well. On the plus side, it has meant I have done very little, which has given me a chance to get my energy levels back up.
Having been home for a few days, I discovered a worrying problem in our bathroom. We have floor tiles under our toilet and whilst we knew we had one crack in the tiles. It appears we had three more since being in dry dock. The first crack was our fault. We changed our radiator a couple of years ago, and Keith dropped the new radiator. I have managed to seal the crack and it has not caused us any issues. But the new cracks are a bigger concern, so much so that on Sunday we bought new tiles from Homebase for the floor. At the moment we are waiting for a cutter to arrive to cut the tiles, so I have sealed the cracks, so we are able to still use our shower. We are pretty sure these cracks were caused by us being in dry dock, because we noticed we were having problems closing the bathroom door, but at the time we could not figure out why. Since being back in the water the door closes just fine. Our think now is that the sleepers in the dry dock, which we were sitting on are not level and there for our boat was twisting, this would account for the door not closing and for the cracked tiles. Thankfully it looks like the wall tiles in the bathroom, galley and around the stove are fine, but I have yet to inspect them with a magnifying glass.
The buying of the floor tiles was a story in itself. We walked down to Homebase from the Arm, which is well over a mile. We found the tiles we wanted and asked an assistant if we could have two of them, only to be told we had to buy a whole pack of five. When we explained to him that we only needed two and why, he did go and ask the manager if we could buy just the two tiles. The only way this would happen was if there was already a broken tile in the pack, or the packs packaging was torn. Unfortunately for us, neither was the case and so we had to buy the pack of five. I did suggest having the extra tiles maybe handy, in case one should get broken whilst cutting them and we did get them at a discounted price. Our next hurdle was how to carry them home, because they were bloomin heavy and the box long. We decided to take it in turns to carry the tiles. Then Keith thought about catching the bus, but on a Sunday they are every hour and sods law we had literally just miss a bus. Rather than waiting, we carried the tiles so far home, until we saw a woman sitting at a bus stop, so we figured the buss must be coming soon. Keith took the tiles and waited for the bus and I carried on walking home. The reason why Keith took the bus and I did not was because he has his bus pass. It turned out that his bus met me outside the Arm at the same time, so we arrived home together. At present the tiles are waiting to be cut and fitted.
I have such a lot I could be getting on with, but really do not have the energy or the where with all to bother. I have done the laundry, hoovering and general tidying etcetera, but that is my lot.
This morning I sat and finished the latest book I have been reading. 'Secret Lives' by Diane Chamberlain was given to me by a boating friend. I had read 'Necessary Lies' by her, which was brilliant and I have also enjoyed 'Secret Lies'. I am not going back to Annie Murray. I have read most of her books in the past. The one I have now is 'Now the War is Over'. I am hoping it is up to her normal high standard.

Bye for now x

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