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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bring on the rain.

Dear Friends and Followers.

Carol Kirkwood said it would rain and she as always was right. We woke up this morning and we had been touched by the rain god.
As you will be aware if you read my ramblings, we have been suffering through lack of water in the Arm. We have been over 10 inches down, so we had to keep phoning C&RT, who to give credit where credit is due, they have worked their magic and we have our level back, so no more listing or feeling like we are running up and down hill.
This morning I opened the engine room doors to see our water level back to normal, which was a relief. My morning walk with Paddy was a dry walk, but the sky was heavy with rain and the clouds were dark and threatening. It was not long after we returned to the boat that rain drops began to dance on the surface of the canal. I know many will be annoyed it is raining, especially for anyone going to Wimbledon or doing other outdoor things, but it is a joy to see the rain. The garden was always screaming with joy and I think the canal was breathing a sign of relief, that at last there will be some water. Of course it is going to be short lived, as tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to be dry and sunny again, but we will take what ever is given to us right now. I wanted to walk into town to pick up some bits from Holland and Barrett and Superdrug, but was happy to make a coffee first and wait to see if the rain would pass, which it did within half an hour. So the OH and I walked up into Warwick, did out shopping and then had a look around one of the Antique Centres and Charity Shops. By this time it was 11.30 am and so we went to Wetherspoons for a late breakfast, early lunch. This was a welcome cooked breakfast, as we have been living off salads for the past few weeks, which whilst it is good for the waistline, it does nothing for my appetite. I had a large Vegetarian breakfast which as always was very scrummy. It would set me up for the rest of the day.
Back home on the boat, all the bought items were put away, Paddy was walked and Wimbledon was on the TV. With the rain now falling heavily, Wimbledon will be the order for the rest of the day.

I have posted that Paddy has been off colour and nothing has really changed on that front. He is still not right. Last night he had another of his funny turns, which is a little worrying. he is still very picky with his food. But as the vet has said "Keep and eye on him", so that is what we will continue to do. At 13 years old or 94.5 human years old, he is in the twilight of his years, so we must expect him to slow down and possibly have health problems. He is such a wonderful old man and always gives us pleasure.

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