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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Kineton Freedom Parade.


Hello Dear Friends and Followers.

My aim for this weekend is to do as little as possible, after the exertion of the past few days. So this morning having walked the dog, done breakfast and tidied a little, I thought I would walk up into Warwick to watch and photograph the Kineton Freedom Parade. The men and women of Defence Munition (DM) Kineton would be marching through Warwick to mark the MOD station’s 75th anniversary. Keith had to go into Royal Leamington-Spa on the bus, so I set off with him, leaving him at the bus stop, I strode off into town to find a good spot on the parades route for taking photographs.


I positioned myself opposite Castle Street and the Oken tearoom.


I got my first photograph a few moments later, after chatting to one of the local policemen, who was on duty for the event. We had a lovely chat about family history and the parade itself. I then got nattering to an elderly lady who had come into Warwick from Birmingham to have her hair done at her favourite hairdressers. We nattered about Birmingham and again family history. It turned out she had grown up around the area of Birmingham my family had come from on my mothers side.


The parade was due to start from Castle Street at around 10.25 am, but it was running a little late, but lots of people were arriving, including councillors, mayor and the Army itself.


The town crier and dignitaries began moving into their positions near the war memorial.


The band then arrived. There is something amazing about seeing a live band up close and personnel.  There were 80 troops with weapons and bayonets fixed and with their colours flying, drums beating and bands playing. It was amazing too see so many people out to watch.


Following on behind were the troops. The Kineton base is a specialist centre for bomb disposal. In all the years it has been in Kineton it has trained thousands of service personnel from around the world in bomb disposal work, which as we know is vital work.



The Women and Men do an incredible job and deserved the freedom of Warwick. Five years ago, the Kineton station was awarded the Freedom of Warwick. This was done so they could mark their anniversary. it gives Warwickshire people and visitors the chance to show their support and appreciation.


Having left Castle Street, they marched along High Street, Swan Street, Market Place, Old Square and Church Street where they took the salute.


It was brilliant to witness and to see so many people taking the time to come out and applaud the army for all the hard work they do.

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