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Monday, 3 July 2017

Lots to get done.

Dear Friends and Followers.

In case you did not read my previous post, we are back home on our mooring in the Saltisford Arm. Yesterday having gotten home, we did very little, but catch-up with neighbours and friends on visiting boats, so this morning it was full steam ahead with all the jobs. But that was not before an early morning cuppa in bed watching the BBC news. Back to normal I see you thinking and I guess it was back to normal for us for a few days. Once up Paddy got his walk first.
Our old man is feeling his age and we fear he may not be to well at the moment. He has been off his food for well over a week, this we put down to the heat, but even with the heat dropping, he is still struggling with his food and so this morning Keith took to hand feeding him. I fear a visit to vet is coming. Paddy is Thirteen years old now, which equates to Ninety Four and Half years old and has done really well. We will be keeping a close eye on him and I will take him for a weigh-in tomorrow and speak to someone at the vets, to see what they think.

Having sorted Paddy and Marmite out, it was time to get the mountain of washing done.I packed my laundry bag up, gathered the peg bag, keys and money. The laundry was empty, so I filled two of the three machines and set them in motion. Maria our neighbour came in for a chat and of course we managed to put the world to right and then some. Washing done and hung out to dry, it was on to Hoovering and tidying the boat. I then helped Keith in the engine room with some wiring and putting the blanket back on our Calorifier. We then put the shelving back over the generator. By the time all of this was done, it was lunchtime and Wimbledon was on the telebox, with Andy Murray playing, so of course we had to watch him win his first match. I guess we will be in for a couple of weeks of high drama, especially is Murray's hip does play him up. Heather Watson and Johanna Konta also managed to win their first round matches, so the Brits are looking pretty good. Murray match over with, I got the strimmer out and got some strimming and hedge cutting done. The garden always takes a bit of catching up with, when we have been out, even though it was only for a couple of weeks. 
Tomorrow come back for more news.
Bye for now.

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