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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Back home.

Dear Friends and Followers.

We spent a wonderful night at Radford Semele. We woke up this morning to sunshine and the sound of Skylarks singing, ducks quacking and the first boats of the morning on the move. Our morning got off to a leisurely start with the first brew and the radio on. It is so nice being out and not having the TV. We did not let go until gone 9 am and our first stop was for me Lidl for my favourite Vintage Cheese, whilst I was doing that Keith was going to Halfords for oil and anti-freeze for the new generator.
I was back to the boat first, so made a cold drink for us both. With Keith trundling back to the boat with his trolley in tow, I was ready and waiting at the engine room door to take his purchases and the trolley. We let go again and our next stop if there was room to moor was Tesco for a bag of toilet rolls. My reasoning was to buy them on our way home, so that Keith did not have to go shopping for them next week. A large bag of toilet rolls would take up the whole of his trolley, leaving little or no room for food. We were in luck, there was room for us on the Tesco mooring, so having secured the boat on our centre line, I nipped into Tesco a bit quick. Within Ten Minutes we were back on the move to Cape Locks. As we approached the locks, Keith thought we had something on the propeller, so before entering the lock we checked to see what was causing our steering issue. On lifting the weed hatch cover, the thing he discovered was an elastic band. Obviously what ever the item was it had come off. By the time we got into the bottom lock at Cape another boat Narrowboat Katherine joined us. They were heading for the Saltisford Arm, where they were leaving her for a few days.
We on the other hand stopped on the moorings opposite The Cape of Good Hope. I suggested we go to the pub for a pint. A pint lead to lunch, which was very good indeed. On that happy note it meant no cooking for me, which is always a welcome thing when it is hot. The plan was to stay on the mooring for the evening and head to our mooring on Monday morning, but as the water level dropped, due to boats using the locks hadar listed more and more, so I rang Ian in the Arm to see if our mooring was empty, which it was so we decided to go home a day early.
It is always lovely to come home. No sooner we had arrived, winded and moored up, neighbours were out catching up on our new generator news. I also got to catch up with friends staying in the Arm. It is a joy to be home for a few days. The garden needs attention whilst we are home. 

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