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Friday, 30 November 2012

Had it out.

tooth fairy

Having had problems with a gum infection for a few weeks, this morning I had the troublesome tooth taken out, so no more gum infection I hope. I am as you probably know by now not great at going to the dentist, but this morning it all went really well. The lady dentist put in three lots of local anesthetic before getting the pliers out to extract the tooth, which I could hear cracking under the pressure. Thankfully the tooth did come out cleanly, so I just need to keep the area clean and allow the clot to form properly over the extraction site. I was feeling a bit light headed, so made myself some soup and a roll, which made me feel better, but there will be no hard food things for a couple of days, I do however have to do salt water mouthwashes so the gum can heal. My dentist showed me the tooth afterwards and it was mainly filling, so it was probably a good thing it came out.


  1. Caroline & Martin30 November 2012 at 16:04

    I know what a relief having a tooth out is, hope you feel the benefit too. Caroline

  2. Hi Caroline.
    I had a great nights sleep and feel much better today, yesterday after having the tooth out my face ached, but having gone to bed at 9.30pm and slept like a log, it feel pretty normal this morning. Thank you for your message xx

  3. Love your new blog photo. Nice to see Paddy and Marmite together. I'm so glad for you that the pesky tooth has been removed and you are out of pain now. I expect it will take a bit of time though, to get used to 'the hole' left after the tooth removal.
    Love to both and stay warm and safe.

  4. Sorry to hear about th4 need for the dentist. with the weather outside being what it is, now is a good time to curl up inside a warm boat with a cup of soup and just rest. Take care Jo.

  5. Hi Jo,

    Did your dentist recommend that you have false tooth or bridge in place of the missing tooth?

    If not you should think seriously about it. The tooth opposite the missing one and the ones along side it can become unstable and so also prone to infection.

    Ask your dentist for advice.

  6. Hi Jaq, thank you for your message xxxx

  7. Hi Graham. No she did not recommend either. The tooth I have had out was in a crowded part of my mouth, so maybe she felt it was not necessary, but thank you for the information.


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