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Friday, 1 June 2018

Day 69: Mooring for the weekend.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Thursday saw us untie and head back to Gloucester. The fridge and cupboard were calling for good and we needed water and to empty the cassette.
It was a murky, misty old start after a rainy old night.
The journey was a pleasant one. Although one could get very lazy being on the Gloucester and Sharpness all the time, because the bridges are all done for you and there are no locks to work. Mind you I will enjoy the rest whilst I can.
We got back into Gloucester, did the boat stuff first and then moored at Baker's Quay visitor moorings before Llantony Bridge. We went off and did the food shopping at Aldi. The fridge is now groaning with being full, but it will last us for over a week. As the afternoon wore into the evening, thunder began to rumble and the rain began to fall and fall and fall. Blimey we had one heck of a storm for a couple of hours. The rain was torrential and caused flooding in Gloucester.
This morning we woke to sunshine and a sticky heat. I wanted to go into the city. There were things we needed, that we cannot buy in Aldi and I wanted to get my hair trimmed. So at 8.45am we set off to walk into Gloucester. The market in Eastgate shopping centre did not open till 9.30am due to they had a flood from last night's rain, so whilst we waited for them to open we went and did the rest of the shopping. When I got back to the hairdressers, I was seen too straight away. No appointment is required. To cut my hair I had to stand up, because the hairdresser said he would have to kneel down if I sat in the chair as my hair has gotten so long. It was the best £10 I have spent. yes it only cost me £10 to have the ends cut off. In all he took off an inch as the ends were a bit dry. The last time I had my hair trimmed was back at the end of February. So if you are in Gloucester and want a trim go to the market in Eastgate shopping centre.
Everything done, we were back on board and getting ready to leave. We do not like spending the weekends in built-up places, so we untied and headed off to find a spot in the countryside.
I love looking at the different boats on the wide canal. We have seen some real beauties.
So only going a short distance, we are moored up for the weekend, which is supposed to be lovely. Marmite has been out on her lead, chomping on grass and Paddy has been on the back counter for a short time. There was some rumbles of thunder, but it came to nothing thankfully.
I hope your weekend is a nice one.

Pop back soon. xxx

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