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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Day 67: Moored at Sharpness.

Hello Friends and Followers.

So here we are moored at Sharpness. Having moored up yesterday, we went off for a stroll down to the docks.
The views along the River Severn Estuary are stunning, even with the weather being a little on the misty side.
There are a number of sunken boats long the estuary call the Purton Hulks, which I will write about on another day as we go and visit them all. Mary is at the end of the Sharpness arm. She was beached in 1958. She is now at one with nature and I am sure a perfect home for fish and wildfowl.
Whilst Gloucester Docks is still used. The days of it being full of boats is long gone. There was only one boat in for unloading.
We went looking for the Vale of Berkeley Railway, which is being restored. It goes around and through the docks and they hope to restore it all the way to Berkeley.
The track is still down, which is a good place to start from.
A lot of time, money and hard work are going to be required. But like with any restoration project, they will get there in the end without a doubt.
Having enjoyed a lovely stroll, we walked back past the Dockers Club, but sadly it was closed. It does not open during the day Monday to Thursday. It is only open during the evening 7-11pm. Then the rest of the week it is open at lunchtimes and evenings. Maybe we will go there another day whilst up this neck of the woods.

Today the weather was not very impressive. It was raining when I woke up at 5.30am, so I put my head under the duvet and went back to sleep until 7.30am. Yep it was still raining when I got up to make a cuppa. The thought for the day was to see how it went, but that soon change to going for a walk anyway, because I wanted some fruit from the little shop down by the docks. So with waterproof clothing on we headed out into the gloom and spit spots of rain. The shop is open from 6am to 1pm. I am presuming this is for the dockers going to work. I did not get any fruit as there was none, but I did buy three DVD's for £1 each. So it as not a deadloss. Keith wanted to take more photographs of the railway, because yesterday he forgot to put his memory card in his camera, so was merrily snapping away for nothing.
On the stroll back to the boat, we called into the small marina chandlery and then strolled on home, where I made lunch and a coffee. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing very little. My mind was elsewhere. A friends husbands funeral was taking place, which we sadly could not get too. With lunch we drank a toast to our friend Derek and hoped that he had a smooth and clear road ahead. This year has been a year of sadness with friends passing away, due to ill health or tragedy and it is only coming up to June. Life is so precious and fragile, we must make the most of it whilst we can. On that note I am off.

Pop back soon xxx

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