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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Gardening Sunday.

Hello friends and followers.

This year we have been blessed with such amazing weather, which has seen fit to continue into November, although it has to be said that last night was a little chilly around the edges. This morning I did not wake until 7.15am, but as usual we enjoyed our morning cuppa in bed, whilst watching the news. Once up, the routine has somewhat changed since our darling boy Paddy walked over the rainbow bridge. There is no early morning stroll, so instead I make up the stove and wonder what I can get on with. It is incredible just how much time is taken up with pet things and when your pet is no longer there, the time is empty space where that pet once was. I decided that I should get out in the garden.
You know I said how amazing the weather has been, even in November, well we still have Strawberries growing. I am just wondering if I bring them in and put them with a banana, whether they would ripen. I hate waste and these would go nicely with some yogurt.
With my dander up, I made and early start in the garden. I took my CD player out with me, to keep my spirits up. I love Paloma Faith, so had The architect playing first of all, whilst I dug out some old grass, which has spread and yet gives us no pleasure. I then turned my attention to the hedge, which had been allowed to grow, so that we would have Blackberries, but now they have finished, I needed to tame the brambles back into some sort of order.
I am not someone who wears gloves when gardening, so it was me against the thorns and I eventually won. I finally got the hedge tamed and the brambles in order, ready for next years growth.
With the warm weather, comes flowers which are still in bloom. Our Clematis that grows up the bird table is still producing flowers and the Marigolds are in full bloom.
The poached egg flowers which normally produce flowers in the Spring are also flowering again.
The mahonia japonica, is also out in flower, which it should be as it is a winter flowering evergreen.
Before we went out on our six weeks cruise in the middle of September, I cut it back sharply, which has definitely not affected it. Garden all neat and tidy again, I got on with making lunch, which today was to be sweet and sour chicken, with a twist because I like to add sweet chilli sauce to it. Pud was fruit and yogurt, all washed down with a coffee. Jobs done for the day, the TV went on and I am sat with my feet up watching films on Sony Movie Channel. It is very high brow today with Nicholas Nickleby and Sense and Sensibility, with Julia Roberts films on later, I am in film heaven. Oh the joys of a good Sunday afternoon movie.
The fire is roaring, my feet are up and the afternoon is drawing darker as the night progresses closer. I wonder what Monday will bring?

Pop back soon xx

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