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Sunday, 25 November 2018

A testing week.

Hi friends and followers.

We are another week closer to Christmas and another New Year. I am still trying to fathom where this year has gone. It has been a blink and you will miss it year, but it has also been a year where we have said goodbye to to many good friends. Those who have left us, left too soon after ill-health and this includes our furballs.
On Friday, we went back to the vets to collect our angel Paddy and to bring his ashes home. So just when you think you have accepted something, collecting his ashes woke up deep emotions in me.
Paddy's ashes were in this lovely box with his name on.
In the box was a cardboard tube, which contained Paddy's ashes. It is all biodegradable. We also had his plaque come from the engravers. This was our final act of kindness, we bought him home.
Paddy and Marmite have been reunited and lie next door to each other in our garden.

Life for any of us can be challenging. We all have to make the most of what we have and make the most of every single day, because none of us knows when it will be our last. So when life throws crap your way, dust yourself off and move on with your shoulders back and a smile on your face, because no one else will live your life for you and you do not get another chance, as far as we all know. 
Whilst on the thought of life being challenging, a dear friend has made the heartbreaking decision to sell her beloved home and move back to the United States. For those of you who are blog readers you may have read the Narrowboat Valerie blog and got to know Les and Jaqueline. We knew Les before he met Jaqueline, but loved them both dearly. Sadly Les died from Cancer a couple of years ago, but Jaqueline has lived on the boat and continued to cruise. It is now time for her to sell up and move on. This decision has been a hard one, so hopefully Valerie will find a wonderful new owner, who will look after their beautiful home. 

Pop back soon xx

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