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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Getting together.

Hello friends and followers.

I have had a few days of doing bits and bobs.
I have begun another blanket for the Border Collie Trust GB. I think I am addicted to crocheting because when I am doing nothing, I have wool and my crochet hook to hand. It definitely means more blankets are going to be made, as long as the wool keeps being donated.
Monday saw me visiting the dentist, which is never my favourite thing to do. We only go once a year, because we are normally out cruising. I have never been a fun of the dentist and this came about from when I was a child. When I was at Primary school, we had the dentist come to the school in a wagon. We used to call it the death wagon, because you would see children go into the wagon, but you never saw them come out through the same door. I know now there was a back and a front door doh. I had a dreadful experience, when I had to have a tooth taken out. The dentist was horrible, or so I thought as a child. Hence my not loving the dentist. Anyway thankfully the dentist I have now is a lovely lady, who is very gentle and always makes sure I am relaxed. Thankfully I had nothing to be done this time, so that is over for another year.
Tuesday was laundry day, so I spent an hour in the laundry getting the washing done and then hanging it in the engine room and back cabin to dry. With the back cabin stove lit, it does not take long to dry the laundry. The rest of Tuesday was spent, doing stuff on the boat and of course crocheting.
Wednesday (today). I have had the most wonderful day. After the usual morning jobs, I left the boat at 9.30am and walked into town to do some shopping in general and some Christmas shopping. I then met up with some ladies from the Arm for a coffee and a natter. In the Arm we have Winter moorers, some have been coming in for years. We all thought it would be nice for us ladies to get together for a coffee and a natter in town. We had a fabulous time and plan on doing it again before Christmas. Sometimes it is nice to get away from the boat for a couple of hours and have female company. After we left the coffee shop, I went and finished my shopping and headed back to the boat, where the OH was working in the railway room. Job for the afternoon was to put up some guttering under the gunwale, in case the sheeting should leak. If we do get a leak the water will go into the guttering and not onto the railway. I know it sounds extreme, but for us having a wet layout is worse. We completed one side and will do the other side tomorrow. With that all done, I then got on with cooking us a Chicken Korma for dinner. I had not eaten all day, so was really looking forward to my curry and rice. There is nothing nicer than a good homemade curry.
Tonight will be TV time. I'm a celebrity is back on and I always get hooked on it. This years celebs all seem to be getting along at the moment. I sincerely home Anne Hegerty from The Chase stays in for the duration, because she is such an inspiration, having talked about her Aspergers. Everyone in the camp is supporting her and I so hope she stays, because it is so out of her comfort zone. Tonight's excitement will be when Noel Edmonds joins the camp.

Pop back soon xx

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