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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Day 9: Up hill and down dale.

Hello Friends and Followers.

What a dismal start to the day. It was wet, wet, wet this morning and not even Paddy felt like going out, but needs must and all that.
The rain did begin to layoff and so we decided wet or not we were going out. After all there was little point sitting on the boat, when we could be out enjoying the city. Birmingham is in my family history as is the Black Country, so I do love coming here when we can.
Our first destination was to buy some brass strips from a company down the Farmers Locks. We were striding down the locks purposely even though the rain was getting harder and within no time at all we were in the shelter of the brass company, where we bought a couple of pieces of brass for the back cabin.
We then walked up into the city to have a nosey around Birmingham Cathedral, which we think we have been in before but could not remember. It is a stunning building outside and in.
I needed a Vision Express, because one of my lens as falling out of my glasses, so we made our way to the railways station where we found a shop and soon my glasses were fixed.

Keith and I then walked to the bullring and had lunch at our favourite Chinese Buffet The Big Wok.
After a lovely lunch the rain finally stopped and the sun did its best to put in an appearance.
We walked back past the newish library where there is a huge amount of building going on. By the time we got back to the boat we were pooped. In all we had walked about 8 miles.

Pop back soon xxx


  1. Lovely to see you both looking fit and happy in old Brummie. Les and I loved it there. So much to see and do. If you get a chance visit the library and go up to the roof garden. It is a slice of heaven and the views are spectacular as are the flowers.

    Love and hugs to you both,

    Jaq xx

  2. Hi Jaqueline. Thank you for your message. We have been up to the top of the library and really enjoyed the view, this was sometimes ago. At the moment it would be looking out over a building site, because they have ripped the square up in front of the library. It will look so different soon.

    Love and hugs J xx

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