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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Day 14: Done nothing.

Hello Friends and Followers.

I would like to say I have done lots today and have loads to report, but I cannot lie. I have done nothing all day.
Well when I say nothing, I mean nothing of interest and been nowhere interesting.
I have done the usual boat chores of stoking the fires, cleaning and cooking, but that has been enough for me because I am suffering from another cold. This will be my third this year, which is unheard of for me, as I have not had a bloomin cold for donkey's years. Hey ho I am now onto my third and like with all my colds I have a sore throat, which is the one thing I cannot abide. I got so fed up with it that I popped to a small Boots chemist round on the Ozzell Street Loop to get some Difflam mouth rinse to help. I first learned of this stuff when Keith was prescribed it when he was in hospital for six weeks and he got a sore throat. I am hoping it does the trick, because I hate having a sore throat. I can put up with most things but not that. So I have been dosing myself up with paracetamol and throat pastilles to hopefully get rid of this new cold.
I have also been nursing a sore shin. The reason for my sore shin, is because I slipped over yesterday at Smethwick Locks, whilst stepping from a lock beam. I fell flat on my face and my shin scrapped alone the stone edging of the lock. Thankfully I was on grazed and no real harm was done, but I need to take more water with it next time and I do not mean by falling in Ha ha ha.
The one thing I have been doing whilst we have been out is to read, which I do very little of normally. I am now on to my eighth book. This one is by Dilly Court and is The Button Box. I am enjoying the tale, but it needs reading twice I think to completely take it all in. I have a pile of books to read, but at this rate I will need to either read them all twice or get some new ones.
With it being April, we have had April showers on and off all day, so in a way it has been nice to stay in most of the day.
Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will feel better.

Pop back soon xxx

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  1. Glad you only had showers down south - up here at Chasewater (Anglesey Basin) it has been very much more on than off!


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