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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Day 20: Back to Bumble Hole.

Hello Friends and Followers.

We both had a good night's sleep, despite me being rather worried about the lowlife around the area. No one disturbed us or any of the other boats moored up on the embankment, so when I woke at 6.30am, I felt refreshed.
After the morning cuppa and a chat with Marmite, who always has a lot to say first thing in the morning, it was time to get up and dressed. Paddy was up early wanting his walk and then breakfast. Rain was once again gently falling and so another wet day was about to begin, but this was not going to stop us do our task for the morning.
The task was to walk up into Brierley Hill to see if we could find some Lino for the railway room. Last year we got a new piece for the back cabin, so we were ever hopeful of finding a piece 17 ft by 6ft. We looked at the first couple of places and they had nothing long enough, so we did the charity shops on the way up, crossed the road and came back down the otherside to the last flooring shop and low and behold, stood up outside was a piece of Lino 18ft by 6ft. We were both so chuffed and it only cost us £40. To get it back to the boat we each put an end on our shoulders and walked back down the hill to the boat. I can well imagine people passing by, must have thought us a little crazy, but it was needs must. With the Lino stowed away on the boat, we had a quick coffee, untied our mooring ropes and headed off.
It as goodbye to Merry Hill for now and Bumble Hole here we come again.
The low cloud was making everything look so dreary.
Up through Blower's Green Lock.
We then began to encounter young lads under bridge 'oles and on bridges. The ones on bridges always unnerve me because you never know what they may do. On this occasion, I had a feeling something was coming over the bridge and I was right. One of the lads spat on Keith. Why oh why do they think this is funny?
There was another large group of lads in a bridge hole all huddled together and you get the feeling something maybe coming, but thankfully they were fine. I had visions of them trying to jump on the boat, but it never happened.
1 hour and 35 minutes later we arrived at Bumble Hole and moored up. The visitor centre was open, so I let them have some of the books I have read and I let them have all the postage stamps I have been collecting. They collect them for the blind. We had a lovely chat with the ladies running it today and were horrified to hear they had a break-in the other morning at 2 am. Someone had broken one of the shutters and the window, but could not get in because of the bars on the windows. Again why oh why do people think this is acceptable behaviour?
I am beginning to feel like the whole world is going mad and people have stopped caring about the world in general. It is plain to see that people do not care about their surroundings or other people of late, with all the rubbish, graffiti and bad behaviour. I really feel sometimes that I have had the best of times, even though I have had my personal issues, I always treat people with respect and my surroundings with love. I just wish others were the same.
Sorry that was a bit of a rant.

Pop back soon xx

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  1. When I had my boat, I used to have the camera handy to take pictures of those on bridges. They run a mile when the camera is pointed at them!


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