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Monday, 16 April 2018

Day 24: Walsall Canal.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Today I could have mistaken it for Friday 13th, if I did not know better.
We had one hell of a day.
We firstly said "Cheerio" to our weekend mooring at the Titford Pumphouse.
We had lovely sunshine, but there was a chill to the breeze.
Top Lock and we are off.
We got down to lock one and the pound above it was empty. Now we could of very well sorted it out ourselves, but three C&RT guys were coming down the flight, so they sent down loads of water to get us on our way.
Cowslips were in evidence down the locks.
We did Spon Lane three and on to Ryders Green.
Part way down the locks were these pallets. Guess where they are ending up?
Having done Ryders green, we were on the Walsall canal and the rubbish began to get worse.
It is so sad that people do not love their environment.
We passed under Bull Lane Bridge and the engine died and came to a stand still. There we were drifting about. Keith checked the prop and we had a blade full of a Spring Mattress.
To begin with we tried to get the thing off ourselves, but it became clear it was on to tight for us, so I rang C&RT and they sent out two guys immediately. They helped us try for another hour and we were still struggling, so they rang to get more help. We had four C&RT guys helping us to get the mattress off. Three hours later, we were finally almost free from the darn thing, so we thanked the guys for all their hard work, they were excellent. Not far along, we then encountered some little darlings who thought it funny to throw stones at us and the boat. This made our day complete one way or another.
We finally arrived at Walsall Waterfront at 6.10pm, exhausted.
I am pretty sure we will both sleep very well tonight and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Pop back soon xxx


  1. When we did the Ryders Green flight one pound was full of ASDA shopping trolleys. I walked some of the Walsall and decided we weren't going to attempt it in Waiouru when a boat following me ran aground because the bottom was too close to the top.

    Well done for persevering!

    1. Hi Tom and Jan.

      The pound with the Asda trolleys in we got stuck in today, because the pound was down. Lucky I had stepped on the bank beforehand, so was able to send water down to get the boat moving. My opinion is we have been, seen and will not go back again, which is a shame because Walsall is lovely.

  2. See our experiences on Alchemy blog. We had quite a fright really.

  3. Hi Mike. Interesting read. Thank goodness you managed to get the log out and it was nothing more serious. We like the Walsall Canal and the basin, but hated the rubbish.


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