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Saturday, 1 December 2018

1st December.

Hello friends and followers.

Here we are it is December and the countdown begins to the big day when the big guy tries to wiggle his way down our chimney and if I am a really good girl, he may leave me a present or two. I do believe I am not on the naughty list this year, but hey I could be so wrong and I will end up with nothing. The thrill of Christmas is still there for me if I ignore the commercialisation of it, plus the fact some seem to think it begins in October or earlier.
The children of today are bombarded by the advertising and peer pressure which I do not ever remember having when I was a child. I actually think it came into being when my children were growing up, so for my grandchildren it is full-on when it comes to advertising and keeping up with the watcha me call its. Due to circumstances beyond my control Christmas is not a huge family affair these days, but the OH and I do get to share it with friends, who are our family in so many ways. I bet we all have sadness in our hearts at this time of the year and of course we have lost loved ones this year, including Marmite and Paddy. I do not see any point in being maudling though, because Christmas is meant to be a happy time of the year and I for one enjoy the true meaning of Christmas, with a glass of wine and mince pie thrown in. We are spending it with one of my best friends this year and if the weather is kind we will be out cruising on the boat. So Winter weather giver, if you could refrain from anything to dramatic until after the festive period, I would be oh so grateful.

The 1st of December means decorations day. The OH and I swing into action and put the fairy lights up, the Christmas tree is left to me to decorate. This year we bought a new tree off of Ebay. I was so pleased with my 3ft, £10 purchase, but of course one never knows what it will be like until it is dressed in lights and baubles.
Ta da. I am loving our new tree. I also purchased some new baubles, because the old ones had seen better days and because we wanted something different. This year we have gone with warm white lights, which will flash and do other flashy things. I actually like it static, because the fairy lights we have along the ceiling flash, so too much flashing is not good for anyone. Now that the decorations are almost finished, I think we deserve our first mince pie of the festive season. I am slo very tempted to have a whiskey later on. I know, this woman knows how to live :-).

This coming week, I am hoping to get my cards sorted out and presents finished. I absolutely hate with a passion, doing anything last minute when it comes to Christmas. Get it done and relax is the way I like it. I never understand those who love to do it all last minute. I know you can get some bargains, but it is only a bargain if you really want it. I would not want the panic and pandemonium. There is something to be said about having an organised and quiet festive time.

Who of you uses Ebay?
I do not use it that often, yes I bought the Christmas tree from there and it is fabulous. Last week I ordered a red rug for the saloon. It was described as being plush and of good quality. It arrived on Friday and it was anything but plush and good quality. Not only that the Red was so in my face, that I immediately put it back in its bag and sent it back and asked for a refund, which has been given. I have however found a rug on Amazon, which I have ordered. I now hope that it lives up to the photograph and description, otherwise it to will be going back from whence it came. I suppose really it is better to actually see what you are buying when it comes to anything like this, but I do not have the time to go traipsing around numerous shops looking for something I may never find. My fingers are crossed this rug is going to be exactly what I want. I definitely will not be buying another rug off of Ebay.

Pop back soon xxx

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