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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Day 66: Foxton to Welford Junction.

Hello Family, friends and followers.

Yet another cracking day weatherwise. It is however a worry, because we do need rain. There are water shortages already on some canals. Here at Foxton Locks and Watford Locks, they are locking the locks overnight, due to a shortage of water. The reservoir at Welford is down by a metre and a half apparently and we are not into the Summer yet. So whilst we enjoy the sunshine, we do have to worry what will happen if we do not get any rain soon.
Once up and about, I got on with cleaning the Brass, which was looking a little drab. This is sure to bring the rain :-). Brass all done and coffee made, we set off at a leisurely pace this morning, with only a short jaunt required. We only had 6.98 miles and no locks to do, so I could relax and enjoy the scenery.
This stretch of the Leicester Line is beautiful. There are some wonderful views.
Mind you everything looks fabulous in the sunshine.
The one thing that never changes on the Leicester Line is the amount of vegetation which desperately needs cutting back and has done for all the years we have been up here and when we did the coal run. I took over the tiller for a while and was met with a low hanging tree. I most definitely had to duck and hope no one was coming the other way.
A lot has been done to improve and repair the towpaths, for the walkers and cyclists, but nothing has been done to improve things for the boater in the vegetation department. I of course realise that CRT are stretched and rely on their volunteers. Money is also a big issue with getting these jobs done.
Entering Husbands Bosworth Tunnel.
North Kilworth Boat Yard
We passed by the newish North Kilworth Marina. It still looks a bit like a building site two years on. But we have friends who moor there and they seem to like it. Whilst on the move, I did a laundry wash and made coffee.
After almost a couple of hours cruising, we arrived at our destination. We reversed at the Welford Junction and moored up for the day. I did us a salad for lunch and another coffee, before deciding I was going to get busy with a few jobs. The first being rubbing down the saloon stove ready for painting. I also got rid of the old fire cement around the flue and replaced it with something new we are trying. It is called Geocil fire cement. It can be painted over, so we will see if it is any good. I will paint the stove tomorrow, because the cement has to dry over a 24 hour period. Second job of the afternoon was to clean and tidy the saloon, I also washed all the floors. This sunny weather makes you want to get jobs done. Tomorrow we will be heading into Welford.

Pop back soon xx

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