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Thursday 23 May 2019

Days 73 and 74.

Hello Family, friends and followers.

Sorry I missed a day. The bloomin signal was off an on all flippen day. We left Foxton and made our way to Market Harborough.
As you can see from the photographs, it was another lovely day on Wednesday. When we arrived in Market Harborough, a boat was just leaving our favoured mooring spot.
We like the spot just outside the bason, because it gets the sun most of the day, so the solar panel can do its job nicely. Having moored up and cooked us something for lunch, we shut the boat up and walked down into town. I wanted to check out the antiques centre, to see if they had an enamel kettle. Sadly they did not have a kettle and worse still they are closing at the end of the month. We then took a walk into the market place, which had antiques and collectibles for sale, but no kettle. We did meet some people we know, so had a cup of tea and a catch up. By the time we walked back to the boat, up the never ending hill, we were both pooped. I seem to have developed a sore throat. Probably all the talking I did over the weekend. Anyway I knew it would cause me issues, so I got on with treating it straight away with Difflam spray, which always helps. I hate having a sore throat.

I wish I could say I slept like a baby last night, but sadly that was far from the case, because my throat kept me awake. It did not matter which way I turned, my throat tickled and that made my eyes water and then I started coughing. The only thing to do was to get up and dose myself up again. I did manage to snatch a little sleep eventually, but woke up like death warmed up on cold day.
This morning (Thursday), we had a food shop to do, with the promise of catching the bus back so we did not have to do the hill with our trolleys again. Off we went down the hill, across the town and into Aldi. I got everything we wanted, which included salad stuff, because it is getting to warm to cook. We went to set off for the bus station, when Keith remembered he had forgotten his bus pass grrrrrrrr, so we ended up walking home, stopping before the hill for a breather. Food stowed away, we decided to set off for a country mooring for the night.
Perfect weather for a short jaunt.
Someone has been magnet fishing. I reported the pile of metal to CRT, because we do not want that back in the bridge 'ole and around someones prop.
After an hour and a halfs cruising, we stopped before Clarke's Bridge, got the chairs out and sat out for the first time this year. The towpath along here is not used a lot, so we felt safe to sit out and not be mown down by cyclists or ravaged by dogs. I got on with some more of my crochet. I should finish another blanket by the weekend. It is a Bank Holiday Weekend, so hoping to trade a bit all being well.

Pop back soon xx

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