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Monday 20 May 2019

Days 68, 69, 70 and 71 A fine old time.

Hello Family, friends and followers.

Wow what  fine old time we have had over the past four days. I am sorry if you have been waiting for updates, but we have been to busy having a good time, with friends and new friends.
It all began Friday, when we helped with the boaters arriving for the event. We spent a wonderful day catching up with folk, followed by a fish and chips lunch in The Wharf Inn, followed by a pint. During the evening, there was music laid on at the Inn, but for us it was to loud to actually talk to people. I did however pick up the families tickets for the Foxton Locks Festival. We cannot wait to catch-up with them all and to enjoy a weekend together.
Saturday and the event began, with the dignitaries speaking about the reopening of the Welford Arm 50 years ago and how it is hoped to continue the success of the arm and the improvements which are going to be made.
Richard Parry the CEO of the Canal and River Trust arrived during the afternoon and took a trip on the day boat down to the lock, where a new bench has been put in place to celebrate the anniversary.
Mr Parry seemed to enjoy the afternoon, having come all the way from the Rickmansworth festival. 
Hopefully the bench will be there for many to enjoy over the coming years.
Richard then came aboard Hadar to have a look at our model railway. 
It was lovely to welcome him aboard, as he had heard so much about it. 
I spent most of the weekend, taking lots of photographs and chatting to loads of people. It was so incredibly busy and such a success. 
We were fortunate with the weather. There was a small shower on Saturday, but it did not put people off of coming out to support the event.
At the end of the day, we went to the pub with Matthew on of the organiser to enjoy a meal and a pint. Bedtime did not come soon enough for me, because I was bushed.
Sunday morning dawned and the sun was shining again, which was a blessing for the event.
We were looking forward to another wonderfully busy day.
Again I spent all day taking photographs. I got to chat to the stall holders, who were having a wonderful event. It was free for everyone, which makes such a nice change these days. So many events you go to charge such a lot of money to attend and trade. We most certainly enjoyed our weekend and look forward to doing it all again. 

Pop back soon xxx

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