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Tuesday 3 September 2019

Day 23: All ready now.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Last night we enjoyed a super sunset and the sound of the trains which ran late. I was in bed by 9.45pm and no sooner my head hit the pillow I was off into the world of nod and dreams. I am a one for having very odd dreams, which I can usually remember. One such dream was from last night or early hours of this morning. A new railway track had been laid and before they could lay the aggregate, they had a tradition to uphold and that was the whole section had to have apple sauce laid down first. (Bare with me). A steam train was all ready for the off and in front of it a huge pile of apple sauce was piled high on the track. The steam train had to get up a head of steam and with its plough front had to push the apple sauce along the track right to the end. (I know daft). The train got up a head of steam and plough head long into the sauce, sending it running along the track, but when it got to the last 50 metres it ran out. Now it was bad luck not to complete the newly laid section, so everyone there was given a spade and told to collect any apple sauce which had run over the track and pile it in front of the engine, which they did so. The engine then ploughed the remainder of the apple sauce to the end of the line. Once this was done, the aggregate could then be laid on top. See I told you I had odd dreams.
Once up we set off just after 8 am to Gayton Junction, where we stopped to empty the toilet cassette and get rid of rubbish.
We saw boats of all shapes and sizes. When we last did this stretch Six years ago, there was not a widebeam in sight. Now there are quite a few, including this shipping container.
We arrived at Blisworth.
An old flour mill, 1879, now converted into luxury apartments but used over the period 1900 to c.1985 as a warehouse, a Second World War food storage building, a wine-bottling factory and a spice and herb processing and packaging factory.
Into and out of Blisworth Tunnel. One of the longest tunnels on the system.
Whilst Keith winded the boat, I went and found out where we would be mooring for the coming weekend. Our name was on a post and the mooring had been measure out, so we knew exactly where we had to be.
This will be our home for the next few days, as we wait for The Village at War weekend.
After a nice afternoon natter to folk, we went to one of our favourite Indian Restaurants for a meal. The Spice of Bruerne does one of the best Pasandas I have ever tasted and I can tell you tonight's meal was excellent. The last time we were down this way on the boat was 6 years ago and the food was as good tonight, as it was back then, which say's a lot these days. Great food, service and company.

Pop back soon xxx

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