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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A little quiet.

Sorry I have not been posting much about what I have been up to, but to be honest it has been pretty quite and this will be the case as we are moored up until the beginning of January.
On the health front, I am pleased to say that my breast infection seems to have resolved itself after the antibiotics, although I am aware that it may and probably will come back as long as I have this lump. I still have the dentist to visit this week and I know that I am going to need at least one filling and probably something done to the tooth which has been causing my gum infection. I seriously do not enjoy visiting the dentist as I am sure I have said before all due to a childhood experience with a school dentist, but needs must and so I will grin and bare it when the time comes.
Keith is having a mini celebration today. He went to one of our local pharmacies today to get his new nasal spray prescription which was given to him by the doctor last night. When it was ready they gave it to him, and didn’t ask for any payment, now that he is 60 he gets his prescriptions for free! I think he thinks that means he can be as ill as he likes. I personally do not think he should wish such a thing on himself. But growing old certainly has some advantages.
This morning we have been catching up with friends John and Caroline on NB Vanyar over coffee, cake and biscuits. It is always wonderful to chat to them and to of course put the world to right, after a couple of hours of nattering, we then supplied them with coal.
Is anyone else watching “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”? I am a huge fan and this year is no exception. I love Eric Bristow and the way he winds people up and they just have no idea what he is doing. He is a straight talker. I also like Rosemary Shragar, she is also a plain speaker, which I think some of the younger people in the jungle find hard to deal with. All in all it is proving to be a great show again.

With the year drawing to a close it is time to reflect on my years cruising and it has been a wonderful one.

In all we have traveled 1055 miles and I have worked 519 locks, I thought we had covered more miles but not according to Keith, it just seemed as though we had. It has been a fantastic year though and I have personally loved every mile of it. We have met some super people, who we hope to meet again some time and I for one am looking forward to 2013 and a new cruising year.


  1. So I'm not the only one watching I'm a celeb!!! As soon as it starts Ian departs for the bedroom with his computer and just lets me get on with it. He cant stand Ant & Dec!! I would Love Rosemary to win but I think it will be either David Haye or Charlie Brooks.
    Now as far as your picture is concerned, the dreaded black background and white symbol has appeared again. Your not having much luck in getting Marmite back. Hope you resolve it soon.
    Loads of love from us both.

  2. Yayyyyyyy Irene, I am so glad I am not alone in lovelung I'm a Celeb. Unfortunately Rosemary went last night, which was a bit of a shock, I thought it maybe Hugo or Charlie. It is so close to call on who is going to win.
    Ok found a smaller photo of Marmite so she is back for now I hope.

    Lots of hugsss and kisses. xxxxx


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