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Saturday, 3 November 2012

First weekend.

This is our first weekend on our Winter Mooring, in fact this is our first Winter Mooring ever, but needs must and NO it is not a sign that we are going soft in our mature years, it is just a need more than anything else. We have appointments to keep and the best way of making sure we keep them is to be in one place for a couple of months. We did not want the situation where we could not moor up in Market Harborough, thus meaning we may miss important medical appointments. Neither Keith or I are long stayers unless we absolutely have to, we get itchy feet if we stay in one place for more than a day or two, but needs must as I have already said. No sooner our appointments are done and dusted we will be on the move and of course that is also dependant on the the weather, because of course we could get frozen in. We will wait and see on that score, but for now we will make the most of our Winter Mooring, with shopping and I will hopefully get everything done I have on my list of things to do on the boat.

You may recall from a previous posting, I went to the dentist and ended up with antibiotics, well I had thought that my tooth had settled, but now I am not so sure. I have a small white lump on my gum, which suggests the infection is loitering again, so Monday I may have to head back to the dentist grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

It’s Saturday and this morning we were awake way to early, but it did mean I got to lay in bed and listen to a pair of Tawny Owls chatting to each other. I do so love the sound of a male and female chatting and find myself wondering what they are chatting about. Maybe they were comments on the sun coming up, or on what a good nights hunting they had had, but what ever they were saying it was wonderful to hear. The Harborough Swans were tapping on the hull of the boat, possibly asking if I was awake to feed them. They lucked out, because at 6 am I was sitting up in bed drinking my first cup of tea for the day. The back cabin stove had gone out, so whilst Keith laid in bed watching the news, I got the fire going again as it was a little parky, as we had had a frost over night with the temperature dropping to –0.5c. No wonder Marmite stayed in the saloon over night where it was warm. Since her vaccination she has seemed a little off colour, preferring to spend all her days sleeping, but I am quite sure that will wear off. 

9 am the inbuilt generator went on, for those who are new to my blog we have our generator built into our engine room, so when it is running it sounds just like the average boat engine, but we still prefer not to run it until 9 am, so we do not annoy the neighbours in our case the houses along side the moorings, after all some people may like a lie in at weekends. No sooner the batteries were charged for the day, we donned our jackets and set off down to the town in the rain. It was nice to see some familiar faces in the indoor market, in particular John on his clothing stall, which is where we buy our trousers and shirts for working the boat. I will be stocking up on both whilst we are in Market Harborough. We had a coffee at the market cafe, £1.00 a cup is so much cheaper and nicer than the more expensive places and met up with John who has his boat at Foxton, it was lovely to see him again and to hear his news. I bought vegetables from our favourite fruit and veg shop Frutas and we also stocked up on cough medicine etc ready for the Winter months. I like to be prepared for what may happen. On our way back to the boat the sun swapped places with the rain, which has meant the solar panel was working when we got back on board. It is so nice to have free energy and means we need to run the generator less. The TV is now on and I am going to sit back and watch the F1 qualifying, so I will wish you a good Saturday.

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