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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Passion Killers.

Is it just me or are these passion killers?

The last time I saw anything like this was on a baby. They are the adult version of a baby grow as far as I can see.
Yesterday I went into Primark to buy some bits and the ladies PJ section was over run by these things. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, because to me they are daft. Maybe I should have cried with laughter. These onesies as they are called never looked cute on my babies, let alone when they were toddlers, but they had their uses, but really seriously do you think they are for adults. I think if someone bought me a onesie for Christmas I would be horrified. If you want to put your partner off in the bedroom then yes I can see why you may want to buy them, they are real passion killers from what I have seen. They also remind me of what the men used to wear in the wild west, the only thing onesies are missing is the flap on the bottom.

I am not denying that they may well keep you nice and toasty on a cold winter’s night, they may even be nice to lounge around in. Does it sound like I am talking myself into buying some well I am not, I think they are awful. I suppose you could say on a boat they would be snug, but that is if you sleep alone, because I know it would be a definite put off to the other half.

What do you think my fellow bloggers?? D
Would you wear them?
Do you actually own some??

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