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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Start of another week.

The start of a new week and it is the 5th November, which meant there would be lots more fireworks going off. The only decision I needed to make was to whether Mog and Dog would need ear plus, as it turned out neither of them took any notice. Paddy completely ignored the fireworks going off over his head when Keith took him out for his evening walk.

Monday morning arrived with a heavy frost and the arrival of friends John and Caroline on NB Vanyar, who moored up behind us, we realised they were there when we stepped off the boat to head down into the town. Before setting off we had a natter with them both on the towpath and I invited them to afternoon coffee, which I will talk about later. Having said “Cheerio” to John and Caroline we went down into the town so I could sort a few personal things out, we then walked to the HFM radio station, where we spent a wonderful hour drinking coffee, eating chocolate biscuits and chatting to our friends at the station. We got an invitation to their Christmas meal, which we of course accepted and are looking forward too.

Back at the boat it was a late lunch for us, John and Caroline came round at 3pm bearing gifts, four cream filled doughnuts mmmm which went down a treat with coffee, before we knew it two hours had passed and John and Caroline needed to get back to feed their dog, so having put the world to right we said our “goodbyes”, we would see them again on Tuesday.

After dinner and a nice hot shower, we settled down to watch a film on Film 4, I then had to make up both the fires for the night.


An overcast start to the day, for us it was a chance to catch the 3X bus into Leicester. We were on a mission to sort my cameras out. The journey took almost an hour and cost us £12 return, that was for us both. Once we finally reached Leicester having taken the scenic route, we found Currys and PC World, explained about my Samsung and showed the screen, it was then the woman announced that we would probably have to pay for it to be repaired, even though I only bought it in March and it has a 1 year warranty on it. Her reasoning was that I did the damage myself. I tried to explain to her I had only taken it out of my pocket and turned it on and the screen bleed in front of me, but she was not having it. In the end she agreed to ring Samsung to ask them about what we should do. It has ended up that we Samsung will send us a jiffy bag which we will then send back to them with the camera in, they will check the camera over and tell us if it can and is worth repairing and we will go from there. Till receipts and the 1 year warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. To say I was not best pleased was an understatement, but as I do not do confrontation, I left the store feeling very annoyed but did not say a word. We will see what Samsung say. It is odd that Keith’s camera went the same way. We did further shopping before going to a new Chinese Buffet we found called The Real China. We had an excellent lunch for £5.95 each, so we will definitely be going back there again. After a walk around the market, we called it a day and headed back to the bus station where we caught the 3X for the journey home. The weather had been a little damp all day, but it did not bother us as we nipped in and out of shops, so all in all we had a great day.

I am going to have an evening with my feet up and Film 4 on, because I have done enough for one day.

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