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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Day.

Wednesday morning began with me waking early with tooth ache, deep joy. It appears my gum infection is kicking off again, just as well I have my dental appointment tomorrow arghhh. I did manage to get back off to sleep and woke again at 7.30am when I heard the alarm clock click to 7.30am which was when the alarm was last set for. Wide awake I got up and made the other half and I a cup of tea, which was drunk in bed whilst watching “Are you smarter than a 10 year old”. Clearly neither of us are smarter than  10 year old because we got a couple of the questions wrong. Having been depressed by my lack of knowledge I got up at 8.30am, because Paddy was stirring in his bed which meant he wanted to go out and Marmite was on the prowl for food. Paddy got his walk first along the towpath, where we met Caroline and John heading off on NB Vanyar. We would not see them again before Christmas so I wished them a happy festive time and they headed off to Foxton. Back on the boat, I laid up breakfast and fed Marmite and Paddy. Breakfast over, it was time to relight the back cabin stove and make up the saloon stove. Fires done, time for a coffee and a catch up with e-mails and blogs whilst the generator charged the batteries.


Loved this posting on Facebook, it would definitely apply to Marmite, she loves boxes and bags, as you will have seen from previous postings.

With batteries charged and e-mails sorted it was time to get some jobs done. I had to climb into the hold to get the days coal for both fires. With s being moored up close to the bank, I have the option to bring coal in everyday, if however we were moored away from the bank, I would probably bring in a weeks worth. Today was my Tesco food delivery day, so a with it being delivered between 12 noon and 1pm, I was ready for the walk to the waterfront restaurant by 12.45pm, which is where I would take my delivery. Keith pushed the trolley, whilst I carried the boxes and we waited for our food to arrive. At 12.20pm Mr Tesco man ran me to find out where I was, he was at the bottom of the road, but soon appeared around the corner. Between us Keith and I filled our plastic boxes, loaded up the trolley and then before heading back along the towpath, we said “Goodbye” to the very nice Tesco man. Using the delivery service is heaven because it means I can get tinned stuff and all the heavier items, which this time included cat litter. I do however like to go down the town to buy my fruit and veg, so I can pick it myself. Once back at the boat, I stowed away all the food and then made us toasted crumpets for a late lunch. Having done all that it was time to sit down and put my feet up until it was time to start dinner, feed the animals and make the fires up. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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