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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Day Out.

Got a text this morning to say my new lens for my camera was in at Jessops, so having charged the batteries, made the fires up and had breakfast, we caught the 9.45am bus into Leicester. It took us an hour to make it into the city, due to traffic lights and general heavy traffic.

It was clear most of the traffic was going into the city for shopping and Leicester were at home to Nottingham Forest at the Walkers Stadium, it was a 12.45pm kick off.

We went to Jessops first to collect my lens and then headed off to find a coffee, trying to avoid the hoards of people crowded around the stalls for the food market, with stalls selling food from all over the world, as well as stalls selling clothing, crafty things and nic naks for Christmas. I am not a crowd lover, so held on to Keith’s hand to make sure I did not get lost. There was also street entertainment, which included a gentleman playing the bagpipes and a young girls singing with the voice of an angel, now she would have been fantastic on The X-Factor. Lunchtime we went to The Real China for a buffet meal again, and got there just before the heaving crowds descended, by the time we left the place was heaving. I popped into M&S to something for Christmas and then thought I would go into Primark to get some pyjama bottoms, I found the ones I wanted, but the queue for the tills was a mile long, so I thought better of joining the throngs. I am normally quite happy to queue, but it really was so very long and the shop was getting hotter and hotter and I needed the fresh air as I was beginning to feel a little faint, as the good old Menopause kicked in with a hot flush, it really knows when it pick its timing.

Having enjoyed a bit of window shopping, we decided to make our way back to the bus station where we caught the 3X back to Market Harborough and the sanity of our boat, where Marmite and Paddy were pleased at least to see us.

I am feeling quite shattered, so will be sticking my feet up until it is time for bed. The antibiotics seem to have kicked in and I am feeling more myself, but only time will tell if the breast infection has gone, one things certain, I will be back to the doctors if it has not.

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