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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Taps and Tablets.

This morning was beautiful, with a frost on the ground and the sun shining, it gave for some wonderful reflections.
On the 25th October I contacted the Canal & River Trust to let them know that one of the water taps on the towpath at Market Harborough was leaking badly. Apparently it had been leaking for sometime and nothing had been done, despite it being noted by the data collector.
I received three e-mail on the 26th October, telling me that it would be investigated and then it was going to be fixed.
This morning, three workmen from Clove mead arrived to repair the leaking tap.

Keith was on hand to supervise ha ha ha. The first thing they needed to find was the stopcock which was no where near the taps along the towpath, it was at Logan Street Wharf which was a good 500 metres away. With the water supply turned off it was time to get down to work. We lent them our sledge hammer and they got on with the job in hand.

They uncovered the problem, which was a broken pipe. So the pipe was replaced. I made the three gentlemen a cup of tea and then Keith and I left them to get on with the job whilst we went down the town to an appointment, when we got back the job had been done and dusted and our sledge hammer was back on the boat.

It just goes to show that if you photograph a problem and let the Canal & River Trust know about it, it will get done quick smart, it was a good job well done. Thank you to the guys who came out and fixed the tap we will now have water over the Winter. Never assume that someone else has reported a problem, the more people who report issues the quicker they get fixed.
After some lunch, I headed back down into the town to the doctors again and came out with more antibiotics for a breast infection (No blushing boys), oh he joys of being a woman grrrrrrr. It is a problem I discovered in 2007 when on doing a self examination I discovered a lump. Having had many courses of antibiotics, ultra sound and a mammogram in 2007 at Stafford Hospital, where I have to say they were less than impressive, the consultant was rude and was only interested in my case if it was cancer, I kid you not that is what she said. Eventually it was decided it was a fatty lump, but every now and again it flares up and this weekend has been such an occasion, so there was nothing for it but to see the GP, who was very nice. After a full examination and learning about my past history, she thinks it is scar tissue from an abcess many years ago, which for some reason has begun kicking off. So I am on a weeks worth of antibiotic tablets and we will take it from there. Some of my blood tests were back from Thursdays visit and so far are all clear, I have to phone the GP for the rest of the results next week, or go back if I am still in pain. So time will tell.


  1. As usual your photos are fantastic and it certainly pays to complain about leaky taps!

    I hope you gave your consultant 'what for' when you first went to see her. How dare she brush you aside like that! Any lump needs investigating and to say she wasn't interested as it probably wasn't cancer is unforgivable! It must have, initially, been a big relieve for you, but you definitely shouldn't have been treated like that! Hope your antibiotics do the trick and the one message you have sent out in this post to all women is to check your breasts for lumps. It could save your life. Well done.

  2. Hi Ian and Irene.

    It is sad that we do not talk more about the important checks us girlies should do. I check once a month and not just because I have this lump, I have always done it.
    As your probably aware Stafford Hospital has a bad reputation and I did not see it in a good light. It took my GP ages to get them to gree to see me after the first consultation. First meeting was within 2 weeks, but after that it was months, because the consultant did not see what the problem was as she could not feel the lump and yet her registrar felt it right away and was concerned. It was only after I complained that I got the mammogram, which put my mind at rest of course. I do understand that cancer patients come top of the list, but when you find a lump you immediately think the worst.
    I am feeling a little more comfortable today, it is not so on fire phew, but we will see how it goes over the weekend.
    I hope all is well with you both xxxxxxxxxxxx


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