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Thursday, 15 December 2016

A Right Giggle.

Cute Christmas picture for the day.

Hi Friends.

The above photograph reminds me of the Guinea Pig I used to have as a child called Dougal, after the dog on the Magic Roundabout. Yep I know I am showing my age with this one.

Our day began as usual. It was really miserable out, but still remarkably mild for December. Paddy and I went on a longer walk this morning, which he did not seem to appreciate as much as I did, but as I have the lead he has to go with me.
Back on board on the radio was our local radio station and this morning the phone is was all about things that have driven you mad about your partner and lead to a split!
 Vic was talking about this article she's spotted. The funny and sometimes serious reasons people just had to end their relationship. Has it happened to you or is there something you do that drives your partner to despair?
 One woman split from her partner, because his head was to big..... The mind boggles.
I married for better or worse and I took my vows seriously. I dare say there are things I do that drives Keith bandy, but we muddle along. I take him for who he is and do not judge him on the things he does that drive me crackers. We are all different after all.
Giggling done, it was time to get some jobs done and the first of the morning for me was to stoke the fire and then put the hoover around. Paddy's hair is still rolling around the boat like tumbleweed in a western town. He never stops molting. It was water tank filling day. I like to top the tank up every two weeks. To remind me I always write it on the calendar and today was that day. Hosepipe rolled out from the water tap to the water tank, I set the timer for half an hour and left it to do it's thing. Half an hour later the timer went off and I forgot until another half hour had gone by, so the water tank was well and truly filled as was the canal, because the tank overflowed into the canal. Hosepipe rolled up and put away for another two weeks, the postman had been and I got my parcel which was posted yesterday, so a very prompt service from my supplier.
These days I cannot wear shoes with heels. To be honest, I have never been able to wear high heels. I think the highest heels I have worn was for my first wedding and they were 3 inch heels. They only got worn once and then never saw the light of day again, until I was told that my ex-husband had a bonfire and they were on it with my wedding dress :-), long story. I only do up to an inch heels these days and I love brogues, so when I saw these blue brogues on Ebay I was in love. I have always wanted a blue pair of shoes and now I have them. They came from Shu Crazy. To say I was a little excited when I saw them, is a bit of an understatement. They are fabulous and fir like a glove. They are not leather, but for me that is fine, because I am allergic to some leather items. They only cost me £14.99 and so did not break the bank. I can wear them with either trousers or my denim or corduroy skirt. I know what I am wearing this Christmas, how about you? I was once told by a GP, that if you have a back problem, the best height of heel to wear is an inch. As I have suffered from Sciatica for many years, and inch heel is idea and yet I cannot have completely flat shoes, they do not suit my back either.

Heard it all now on the BBC1 news. It seems that next years New Years celebrations could be very quiet, because councillors are to do a report on the impact of the noise of their fireworks. Now I know many of our furry and feathered friends do not cope well with the bangs and whistles of huge fireworks, but really is this taking things to far?
Both Paddy and Marmite have gotten used to the fireworks over the years. We have had some huge bangs from the ones in Warwick and they have both coped with it. This story seems to say that it is the residence who are complaining about the noise and so next years Hogmanay maybe a very quiet affair. 

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