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Saturday, 10 December 2016

How times change.

Hi Friends.

I have been helping Keith to research farm yards for his model railway. As I grew up on a farm in Hurstbourne Priors, I thought I would start with that, so I drew the layout for him and then decided I would find it on Google Maps. It change many nears ago from a dairy and arable farm to an Equestrian Centre and so changes were made to the layout in places, but it is pretty much as I remember it when growing up. The early morning starts to feed the calves, the bale cart every Summer, the moving of the cows across the road to the milking parlour. The house I grew up in is still there, but I was dismayed to see on another page that an application was put into the council for its demolition and another dwelling to be built in its place. Now whilst I have many happy memories of that old thatched cottage, I also have many unhappy memories, which have bought me in some way to the life I live today, which of cause has given excellent memories, so it I suppose it is bitter sweet to see the old house will be demolished. I lived in that house from the age of about 5 yrs old until I was 17 yrs old. The village was a lovely place and I had a lot of friends, some of whom I still keep in touch with. Not only is my old home changing the only pub in the village, which also holds many memories has been changed from a pub into a dwelling, which means the village has nothing now. It used to have two garages, a post office and the pub and they have all gone over the years, which I find incredibly sad.
Anyway enough reminiscing, and back to today.

Today we were going to the Saltisford Christmas dinner, which was being held in the Tilted Wig in the town. With that in mind, I had very little planned apart from the usual boat stuff I do every morning. So dog walked, mog and dog fed, stove riddled and made up, laundry checked for post. Yeah I know really exciting.
11.00 am we made our way into town, on what was turning into a damp day. I wanted to buy stamps before going to lunch, but there was a queue in the Post Office, so I decided to go to WH Smith, where the queue was shorter. Stamps bought, we made our way to the Tilted Wig, where Graham was already there. What we did not find was our tables set up for Twelve. It seemed like there was some confusion on where they were seating us. Once the others arrived, Jack sorted out the seating problem and we were finally seated. Starters arrived, Keith and I went for the spiced pumpkin soup, which was extremely yummy. Main was of course Turkey and all the trimmings and then we both went for Cheese and Biscuits. The meal was really good and we all thought it was better than last year, when we ate there. The time certainly flew by, because we were there for 12 noon and we did not leave until gone 4 pm. Everyone had a wonderful time and so our festivities have begun in a really nice way.
The walk home was in the rain, so I looked a little like a drowned rat. If I had taken my shampoo with me, I could have washed my hair whilst walking home.
Back in the warmth and dryness of the boat, the fairy lights went on and a coffee was made. Film for the evening was 'We Bought A Zoo' with Matt Damon, followed by 'Men In Black II'.
Christmas is coming yayyyyyyyyyyy.

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