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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Another day closer.

Cutey for today.

Hi Friends.

A week to go, and I know you are probably running around like a headless chicken buying presents, food and drink, but hey put your feet up and have a coffee for five minutes.

We are already for Christmas, I am not gloating I know you are busy. I just like to get things done early, so I can enjoy the run up to Christmas. I do know some people like the buzz of doing everything at the last minute. I personally cannot think of anything worse than standing in queues with people, coughing their germs over everyone and you just know that at least one in the queue will be huffing and puffing because they hate being in queues. My advice to them would be, start shopping earlier. I know some like to do their shopping late, in the hope for a bargain. Bargains are only bargains if you actually need that item in my opinion. Next week we will buy the last of the food which will last us into the New Year, such as milk, bread etc and then that will be it. If we have not go it, then we will go without. So much is bought for Christmas and thrown away a few days later it is crazy nonsense. Not only that most shops are open on Boxing Day anyway.
This morning we walked into town to get our Satsumas off the market, they are really lovely and I know I will eat a lot of them over the festive time. The market was already pretty busy when we got up their just after 9 am. Satsumas bought, it was back home. I got on with stoking the fire, emptying the ash pan and organising something lunch. The postman arrived bearing gifts, actually it was boxes for Keith containing more bits for his railway. He is gathering the buildings he needs, because they quite often discontinue the ones he wants, so it looked like Christmas had come early to our boat. 
After lunch, the TV went on. It is now the time for Christmas movies, so I began watching 'Black Nativity' with Forrest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson. Then it was 'Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium' with Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman. It is one of my favourite movies. Following on from that was 'Paddington' with Hugh Bonniville, Julie Walters etc. Heard a lot about it, but first time watching it and I loved it. It made me giggle like a child, but then I am a huge fan of bears, the teddy kind as well as the animal kind. Finally for the evening entertainment, it was going to be 'The Hobbit' with Martin Freeman, 

We are creeping ever closer towards the winter solstice (21st December) and the shortest day and Winter is truly coming. I do not take out the perspex and shut the galley doors until the very last of the light is gone. Of course we all know that the day after the winter solstice marks the beginning of lengthening days, leading up to the summer solstice in June and warmer weather if we are lucky. Every hour of light is precious, it gives me time to tend the fire, walk the dog, do all the usual chores before bed time. I get to natter and clean, cook and tidy and then rest with a cup of coffee. Paddy snoozes in his bed and Marmite meows for food. Before the sun goes down, Paddy gets his walk and we then settle in for the remainder of the evening before tired eyes lead me to my bed.

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