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Thursday 22 December 2016

Out for the day.

Hi Friends.

Are you excited yet?
Or are you a little Ba Humbug?
This Christmas I am looking forward to it, because last Christmas I was so poorly for the whole of the festive period. I must have been one of the only people to lose weight over Christmas. I managed to lose 7 Kg and I have managed to keep most of it off, but this Christmas it maybe a different story, because I plan to enjoy myself.

The festivities began in earnest today, when this morning I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon with Jacky and Dawne. We were having a girlie day. Dawne and I left our husbands to do their own thing. We were picked up by Jacky at 9.30 am, first port of call was to M&S to collect Jacky's Turkey. We then headed into Stratford and the multi-story car park. Good job Jacky knew where she was going because I would have been completely lost. I am hopeless with direction.
The festive decorations are beautiful in Stratford, they really have gone to town with them.
Today was the craft market up the main street. There must have been over 40 stalls, all running back to back up the main street. There was everything festive from Mulled Wine, decorations, scarves, socks, toys and food. We had a lovely time mooching around the stalls, we all bout some little decorations which were half price. We had tea and teacakes in Huffkins Tea Room. Beautiful place if you are ever in Stratford.
The living statues were in town.
We had actually seen this one, getting dressed in the car park. She looked amazing. I am not sure I could stand still for so long in the cold.
After our tea break we went and found the Nutcracker Christmas Shop, which sells Christmas decorations all year round and cannot fail to make you feel festive. Having done the market, we walked around the shops and got a few bits, before having a late lunch in M&S. They say the time flies when you are having fun and it sure did today. Having enjoyed our day, we ended up going back to Jacky's lovely cottage for a cuppa and a natter before she dropped us back to our boats in the Arm.
When I got home, Keith was watching the TV, he had had a nice morning in Coventry. He visited BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and caught up with everyone there. He had a breakfast in Wetherspoons and bought a jumper, so we both had time out away from the boat and had a nice time.

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