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Saturday, 24 December 2016

One more sleep to go.

Hi Friends.

Yes it is true, we have one more sleep to go till the big man tries fitting down our chimney's. I can but hope he has not been on the Mince Pies and Yule Log by the time he gets to us, because our flue is a tiny one and even with his magic it maybe difficult for him to fit.
With it being Christmas Eve, I decided I wanted to go out if the weather was kind.
We woke to find it dry but breezy, so had our first brew of the day and as usual watched the morning news on the BBC. Christmas maybe a festive time for peace and goodwill, but it seems to be in short supply again this year. Still we will all keep on going. I do not get political on my blog, but we can all hope the New Year brings more clarity.
Paddy got his walk around the block and I unlocked the gates to the Arm. No one was stirring yet, so we had it all to ourselves. After breakfast, we took ourselves off into town for a nose around the market and shops. It was busy, but not manic which was nice, so we had a nose around some of the shops before going into Wetherspoons for a Veggie Breakfast and another cuppa. Even thought the Christmas lights are up they were not switched on, so in someway it did not feel very festive. I also would have thought they would have had a band playing Christmas music, but non of that. Santa was outside of Sainsbury collecting for local charities which was nice. So it seemed that there was not much festive cheer in Warwick. We did the charity shops as always and bought some DVD's. I got a fabulous Per Una cardigan and a necklace and Keith found a pair of jeans. So it was a worth while the walk up and down the town.

Keith was diagnosed with high Cholesterol and so we are sorting out his diet. We both eat a healthy diet, but as always there is always something more you can do to improve things. As we walked past Holland and Barrett, we decided to ask what they offer to help with reducing Cholesterol, because if doing things with his diet does not help, he will go on to Statin's, which we would like to avoid. So we were advised to try Soya Lecithin, which we will give a go. Another thing they suggested is Apple Vinegar, so I am going to look into the pros and cons of that.
Walk done and steps achieved for the day, we were back home and the smell of boiling bacon wafting around the boat. The smell was making me feel peckish, but having already eaten no lunch was required.
First film of the day for was 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone'. We love a bit of Harry. Second film was '101 Dalmation's' the animated version. We are now watching 'A Muppet Christmas Carol' and I am signing off.

May you have a wonderful Christmas. May you be happy, safe and with loved ones this festive time.


  1. ... and a Very Merry Christmas to you both too :)

  2. Have you tried Oatbran it works for me.

    1. Hiya. We eat Porridge and Bran, but more could be eaten. :-)


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