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Friday, 16 December 2016

You go your way...............

Cutey for the day.

Hi Friends.

Deep joy, we are another day closer to Christmas, mince pies and dinner with friends. All's I want now is a cold and snowy Christmas Day, but I am not holding my breath on that one.
Today began, yep you guessed it, with a cup of tea sat up in bed watching the BBC 1 news. With Christmas supposed to be about Peace and Goodwill to all, it is devastating to see what is happening across the world, with war zones and people of all ages suffering. You only have to see all the charity adverts on the TV to know how desperate things are getting out there and I feel for all those people who just want to find Peace.
Paddy must have gotten chilly in the night, because he moved his bed closer to the stove. He is a funny boy.

Jobs for the day today, began with Keith and I going our separate ways. I went and did the laundry and Keith went to do the food shopping. He goes off with his trolley, rucksack and bus pass and heads off to Aldi. I think he quite enjoys going food shopping and it means I can get on with jobs on the boat and in the laundry.
Laundry done and hung in the engine room. Next on my hit list was the stove, I swept the chimney and riddled the grate before stoking up with coal for the day. I then got on with cooking lunch. 
Today I am cooking two meals. I had a 500 gram pack of mince, so split it in half. Half was going into a curry and the second half of mince was going into a Spagetti Bolognaise. The curry began with me frying off the mince with onions. I then added a dessert spoon and a half of Rogan Josh curry paste, having stirred it all in, I added a tin of baked beans and tinned tomatoes. This all got stirred in and then it went into the oven. Whilst frying the mince for the curry, I also fried the mince and onions for the Spagetti Bolognaise. I added herbs, Mushrooms and pasta sauce. It then joined the curry in the oven for an hour. I will be putting either the Curry or the Bolognaise in the freezer when it has cooled.
Keith arrived back with the small shop, so I got the kettle on for coffee and put the items of shopping away.
Decision for lunch today was Spagetti Bolognaise. Towards the end of cooking I always add a dessert spoon of Marmite to the pot, this gives the Bolognaise some extra flavour. I remember once seeing a menu with Spagetti Bolognaise on it and they wanted over £14 for it. I can make it for a fraction of that and it will do us for more then one day.
After our enjoyable lunch, I took Paddy out for his walk and today we went over the the cemetery. I know it sounds a little morbid, but it is a lovely walk around this one and I was also hoping to find some large pine cones. I always take my camera in case I see the friendly Squirrels, who just love to have their photographs taken. Sadly no Squirrels or pine cones, but we did enjoy a nice walk.
The afternoon was spent watching films and catching up with mail.
Do you ever write letters by hand anymore?
I remember a time, when all letters were written either by hand or typed. These days most mail is done by e-mail I have found, or conversations are had on Twitter and Facebook. I actually think it is nice to give and receive a real hand written letter and so for the New Year that is what I am going to do more of. Blimey I have not gotten through Christmas yet and I am already making a New Year's resolution. Now I just need to stick to it. The only problem with this idea is the cost of the stamps. It really is getting expensive to send things through the post these days and I know some of my friends have been sending online Christmas cards. I still prefer to send cards through the post. There is nothing nicer than sending and receiving a card.
As the afternoon climbed into the evening, Paddy went out with Keith for his evening walk and I got on with doing very little. The news came on and it sounds like the whole world has gone mad. Then there was the Christmas advert for what is on TV this Christmas. OMG the music lone for Eastender's sounded grim, but the story line shows it will be yet another miserable Christmas for Albert Square. I gave up watching the soaps back in 2000 and nothing I have seen will ever get me watching any of them again. They are always so depressing, with to much shouting and screaming going on. I will stick to watching Christmas films and have joy in my life.

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