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Monday, 5 December 2016

It's Fixed.

Cute photograph for today.

Hi Friends.

Christmas is coming don't you know?
Yep it is going to be a good Christmas this year, I just know it is. For me it cannot be any worse than last year, when I was very poorly throughout Christmas and the New Year. I am so looking forward to this one and it was made all the better by the visit of our fridge/freezer repairman. As I told you in my last posting, our freezer has died and the hope was he could repair our fridge/freezer. He thought it was the thermostat and so came armed with a new one. Having looked at the back of the fridge/freezer and heard Keith's explanation on what happened, it turned out not to be the thermostat at all. A connector had broken and just needed replacing phew. So instead of having to fork out hundreds of pounds we got the bill of £40, which is a huge bonus. We both are feeling much happier now. Having let the appliance get down to a proper temperature, we have stowed all our goodies back into the fridge and the freezer. Honestly we are mad, because we have been watching the temperature going down with the use of our indoor outdoor thermometer. At one point it was not switching off, so we turned the thermostat down till the light went out and then there was panic, because the light did not come back on arghhhh. I told Keith to leave the fridge door open for a couple of minutes and hey presto the light clicked on and all was running well again. You do become a little paranoid when everything around you begins to go wrong all at the same time.

The rest of my day has been a little more relaxing thankfully. It was another cold and frosty start. I woke at 7.45 am to see a red glow coming in through the pigeon box portholes. The sun was coming up and giving us a red sky.
I got up to make a cup of tea and could not resist sitting inside the engine room doors and taking these photographs.
With ice on the cut and a beautiful sunrise, I just knew we were in for a good day. This is why I love the cold weather. I love ice on the cut and the cold mornings. I just wish Paddy felt the same way. He was less than interested in going out this morning. it was as much as I could do to get him out of his bed, but I guess at the age of 84 he has every right to be lazy. Once out and off the boat, the fresh smells soon got his interest and he felt the need to cover them all. I have always wondered how he goes from 6 pm till 8 am in the morning. I still think he has hollow legs.
No sooner we were home, it was animals breakfast time and time for me to light the back cabin stove, because as Marmite kept telling me with her constant meowing, it was parky in there. As you have probably realized she does not do cold at all. 
Last night we missed 'I'm A Celebrity', so we caught up on it on iplayer and congratulations to Scarlett, she was fantastic, as were all the celebs. We did think she would win it. Now I am looking forward to the coming out show on Wednesday at 8 pm. I know a lot of people have moaned about there not being any row in the jungle this year, but it was actually a nice change to have them all getting along on the whole. Here's to the next one.
With John the repairman coming, I got on with lunch early, so we would have it done and dusted before he arrived. I almost made it, we had just about eaten lunch when he knocked on the side of the boat. 
After John had left, I popped into the office to have a natter with Jack about all things Christmas and the Arm. We are so looking forward to sharing her first Christmas in her cottage. She is a wonderful friend and I think of her as my sister, because we are so alike. We always have a lot to natter about and have a good laugh.
As we have been watching our fridge/freezer, time past me by so quickly, it was time for a hot shower and then feet up for the evening.
What joys would there be on the box tonight and if all else fails I can watch the first series of 'Game of Thrones'. We do not have Sky and so I have not seen any of this series, but so many people I know have raved about it, so when I saw the first series on DVD in a charity shop for £2.45 I just had to get it. I am hoping it lives up to what I have been told. If I like it then I will be looking out to get the other series. If I don't like it, then the five DVD's will go back to the charity shop or in our laundry room where we have DVD's people can take for a donation. I was thinking of saving it till Christmas, but if TV is boring, then I will dip into early, after all Christmas is not far away now.

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