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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Laundry, Food and Freezer.

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Hi Friends.

The thaw has taken place and now we are back into Summer like temperatures. Ok I know I am exaggerating a little, but having lit the back cabin stove yesterday morning, by the afternoon we were sweltering with both stoves going, so today I only have the saloon stove on, which seems to have upset Marmite, because she has been sat close to the saloon stove. Obviously she is feeling a tad chilly. 

Our day began early, because Keith had an appointment with the practice nurse reviewing his medication. He had to be at the surgery for 8.20 am, so we were up and about just after 7 am. Paddy was confused, because he does not get out of his pit until gone 8 am and then off for his walk. I had him out of the boat at 7.30 am, which confused him, but then he did get his breakfast early, which also pleased Marmite.
With Keith off to the nurse, we had notification that our new freezer would be arriving between 2 pm and 3 pm, so I cleaned the shelf down ready for the freezer to go in. I then got on with the morning's chores, which included sorting the stove out, getting the coal in. Floors swept and washed, laundry sorted and ready to wash. I usually get a lot done when Keith is away from the boat, I have no idea why. 
Keith came home to a coffee being made, so I went and did the laundry. Whilst doing the laundry, the post man arrived bearing lots of post and parcels, so I sorted them out and put them in their places for people to collect. Keith's railway building had arrived, so he was really chuffed.
Keith is looking forward to starting his railways layout in the hold. You can follow the story on his website

Our Tesco delivery was due between 11 am and 12 noon. At 10.45 am as I was leaving the laundry, reversing into the car park was my Tesco van and my food delivery. I do so love it when they are early. This delivery contained some of our Christmas goodies, which I bought with our Christmas vouchers. I am really feeling festive now and so looking forward to it all this year. 
Food stowed away, I made us some lunch, which was washed down by half an Old Speckled Hen. I am not drinking much alcohol because of the tablets I am on, but I figured a half would not hurt me and I was right, I felt fine. I will however be a good girl over Christmas.
Our new freezer was due to arrive with DPD between 2 to 3 pm. Keith was following the tracker on the DPD website. We knew it was close, but it actually arrived before it turned up on the tracker. Keith stood in the hold, whilst I passed the boxed freezer under the sheeting. We then man-handled the freezer into the galley and put it on the shelf where the old freezer had been. Before we could turn it on, we had to leave it for at least 3 hours to settle down, because of the coolant needed to settle down. We will turn it on so it runs in overnight and hopefully tomorrow we will have a new working freezer. You can find out the outcome tomorrow :-).
TV viewing this evening will be the follow-up program for 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'. Where we will get to see what they got up to once out of the jungle. 

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