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Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas is coming.

Hi Friends.

You would need to be on the moon if you do not know by now we are getting closer to Christmas Day and all it brings with it. Eating to much, drinking to much, snoozing through the Queen's speech (how dare you), family rows and mountains of toys and presents which will never get played with or used. Ha ha ha I jest honest.

My Christmas preparations are pretty much done. We have what we need and if we do not then tough we will go without, because we do try not to go over the top. It is after all one day, or two if you count Boxing Day or Three if you count Christmas Eve. I am no one of the Bah Humbug group, but I do feel we all go over the top.
Ok enough of that.

After the cold snap we had, now we are having Spring like weather, it has been really mild this past couple of days, which has begun to confuse plants, birds and even the local ducks, who were definitely in the mood for love. I did try to explain to them it is December, but the Drake was definitely not listening. Luckily the Mallard flew off, she had a narrow escape bless her.

Today began like every day. A cup of tea in bed, watching BBC1 news and catching up with what is happening in the world. Marmite then came in to ask if we were actually getting up. It was rather dull and dark out, even at 7.45 am. On getting up, I stripped the bed to do the laundry, this is always a bit of fun as we kind of sleep in a cupboard and it can take a bit of acrobatics to strip and then remake the bed, especially with a double duvet cover, but it was soon all stripped. Cupboard door shut and washing in the laundry bag, it was time to walk Paddy and then feed both him and Marmite. Now I know they are both different animals, but their approaches to being fed is so different as well. Paddy sits in his bed all patient and waits for his biscuits. Marmite runs about and then jumps up on to the worktop meowing constantly, until her meat is put in her dish, it is only then she shuts up. Dogs have a lot more patience, well Paddy does anyway.
The usual narrowboat stuff was done, the saloon stove was riddled, ash taken out and then the stove was made up for the day. I was then off to the laundry to get the bedding washed, whilst in the laundry, I sat down with a fellow resident in the Arm to talk about the C word, yes Christmas and what his plans were. I think we managed to also cover most of the news topics of the day and how to lose things on our boats, that we never find again. In our case it was a pair of Keith's walking shoes, which we have never found. The laundry is a great place to catch-up with people for a natter whilst our washing does an express wash in 32 + minutes if we are lucky, which is not bad for a £1.
Laundry done and hung up in the engine room, I then had to turn my attention to preparing something for lunch and today it was to be Liver and Onions, which we both love. By cooking it early, it can sit on top of the stove and simmer to its hearts content, whilst we drool over the aromatic smell wafting around the boat..... ok maybe not aromatic, but we both love the smell of Liver and Onions.
Yesterday I sold one of my cards on Ebay, so that got parceled up and posted to its new owner. I was so cuffed to have sold my first card on Ebay. I am hoping it is the start of something good.
My afternoon was spent doing some pruning in our garden and nattering to just about anyone who would listen. If you know me, you will know I like to natter.
As the afternoon, dissolved into the evening and the dark blocked out the daylight, we closed the boat up and the Christmas lights on. The fire was glowing, Marmite and Paddy were settled for the night and I have had a lovely day one way or another. It does not take much to make me happy.

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