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Sunday 25 June 2017

Day 25 of 30 Days Wild


Hello friends and followers.

We are still moored up in Stockton Marina awaiting our new generator installation, which should happen this coming week. The people here at Kate Boats have been absolutely wonderful to us. Rob our engineer is so calm about everything and incredibly knowledgeable, so we are in safe hands.

With is being here we have very little to do, but watch films, catch up with online stuff and walk. Yesterday was Wildfest at the Nelson’s Wharf, where they had stalls and people on hand to show you all things wild, with walks around the Stockton Cutting and Tasker's Meadow Reserves. We did not go, because we thought it maybe packed, which would mean we would see very little of the wildlife. So today (Sunday) we decided we would go for a stroll around the reserves. The reserve is mostly made up of meadow land which is great for spotting Butterflies.


The Large Skippers was absolutely stunning. It became clear, with it being nice and sunny the butterflies were bobbing about over the meadows in copious numbers. My thoughts were that I should get some good shots; but then I realised the butterflies were in frisky mood and were always on the move. it amazes me they have time to feed when on the go like they were.


I saw my first Marbled White and beautiful it was too.


Ringlet Butterfly.


Tortoiseshell Butterfly in all its glorious colour.

The meadows have a diverse flora and looked stunning today in the sunshine, although the breeze was getting up, which meant taking photographs was a challenge. The meadows are deliberately managed to maintain the wonderful carpet of flowers and grasses.



Grasshoppers where hopping all over the place. They were a joy to watch, as they leapt from grass to grass.


There were plenty of Orchids on show. I was spoilt for choice as to what one to photograph.


Bees were busy doing what they do best and that is to collect the pollen. I had less problems photographing them. The Marbled Whites Butterflies proved much more difficult to photograph, even though there were plenty of them around me. Getting close enough was was issue, so if the weather is good I may go back tomorrow with a longer lens. As I walked the paths of the meadow I would turn around to look back only to see them dancing in my wake, as if laughing at me for not getting the shot.


We both enjoyed our walk across the meadows. It is such a peaceful place and a lovely way to while away a couple of hours. On returning to the boat, the drizzle began to fall, so it seemed we timed our walk perfectly. After a change of clothes we headed to The Boat Inn, Birdinbury Wharf,  for a Sunday roast and oh my goodness we really enjoyed our lunch and a pint. It has to have been one of the best roast we have ever eaten out. If you are ever this way do stop and have a meal in the pub. The staff and service was excellent. Neither of us could fit in a pudding, because the lunch was fabulous. Back on the boat, I vegged out for the rest of the afternoon, whilst catching-up on e-mails and Facebook.

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