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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hump Day.


Hello Friends and Followers.

I am a bit of a plonker. Yes I admit it. Why?

Well yesterday I did a stupid thing, I managed to scold my arm on the kettle and to make things worst, I did a double whammy with the steam from said kettle. My forearm was looking very angry last night, but much to my relief this morning it has calmed down somewhat. I have no idea how I did it, because I use the kettle at least six times a day in the same way. Anyway I will fine, it is no big drama.

So here we are Hump Day, Wednesday. The rain which persisted yesterday has blown over, but the wind is still blowing up a gale, which I am chuffed about because it dried my washing, which was done early doors. Having sorted the laundry out, I got on with cleaning and tidying the boat. This mostly consisted of putting the hoover around, because Paddy’s hair was everywhere. he is once again having a major moult, so all I see is tumbleweed rolling up and down the boat. Getting the hoover out, means Marmite tries to find some sanctuary somewhere, because she hates the hoover. I have no idea why, because I have never scared her with it, but she always runs to the back cabin and sits on the step where she can see me and the machine of doom coming towards her. Paddy is a little indifferent, he just moves when I tell him. By 11 am Keith was back from food shopping, so I had the food to stow away, before making us both a coffee. No sooner I had done that, it was time for lunch, which today was tomatoes on toast, yes this was our toast lunch day. Once a week, we just have something on toast for lunch. I know it sounds boring, but we have different things each week. My afternoon was spent making coffee, nattering to boaters in the Arm, oh and I walked to Sainsbury’s to buy some strong Cheddar Cheese. I love a strong Cheddar, I cannot be doing with the mild stuff and Aldi’s Mature Cheddar is not strong enough, so I go to Sainsbury to get their strongest, which is English Vintage Cheddar this week. When we were in Birmingham, I found an extremely strong Cheese on the market, which was scrummy. We may just have to go into Birmingham to get some more Smile.

As the day has worn on, the wind has dropped and my latest crochet blanket is almost finished. I am already thinking about the next project.

Politics alert. Yes tomorrow it is time to vote, so remember to make your mark on that little slip of paper if you want to make a difference.

Politics alert over Smile

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