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Friday, 2 June 2017

Sticky Fringe.


Hello Friends and Followers.

A slight change to our weather today. It began sunny and humid and then the forecast rain arrived and cooled things down a tad. I usually like to do a laundry wash on a Friday, but with the forecast of rain, I decided to leave it in the washing machine till tomorrow, when I know I can put the washing out. Instead I sat outside in the sunshine early doors and got on with some crochet. I want to get a few more baby blankets done for our Heritage weekend in September. Whilst I sat crocheting Kate Saffin from the Alarum Theatre Tour popped into the Arm for a quick catch-up and to give me some more leaflets. Kate and Heather will be doing their performance in front of the Arm’s Cedar Room, which we hire out for meetings and if the weather should rain our parade, then we can always set up in there.


The Idle Women production is coming to the Arm on Sunday at 2pm and I cannot wait. We are all ready for their arrival tomorrow, when they will be bringing Historic Working Boat Tench into the Arm. Jacky and I are all set for the tea tent, so we are just hoping plenty of people turn up. It was nice to say “Hello” to Kate before they come in tomorrow.

The title of this posting as you will have read is ‘Sticky Fringe’. The reason for this is because that is what I have at the moment. Because of the hot weather, my fringe sticks to my forehead, thus giving me a sticky fringe, which annoys the living daylights out of me, as it is not a good look. I think for as long as I can remember I have struggled with fringe or no fringe and I am forever growing it out, only to cut it back in again. This I did a few weeks ago, I had a debate on my Facebook about which looked better.

Jo May 2017



No Fringe.

At the moment I have a fringe, but it is pinned back, so I do not have a sticky fringe moment. From as long as I can remember I have had a fringe on and off for many many years, although looking at old photographs, I did not have a fringe as a child. I am always aware that I frown and I have a high forehead and this is why I thought having a fringe would cover that up. But in hot weather it does give me a sticky fringe. I guess the solution would be to keep the fringe and just pin it up when it is hot, then I have the best of both worlds. Oh what is a girl supposed to do?

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