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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Almost a panic.


Hello Friends and Followers.

What another beautiful day?


Marmite chose to spend most of it in her favourite shady place, but that was only after I had treated the tables, bench, bird table and bunker with wood preserver.

Oh yes the Almost a Panic title. This is referring to yesterday. I had been down to the office to discuss the gardens and the up and coming Open Gardens event and Warwick in Bloom which we take part in every year. After I came back from the office and had done some bits in the garden, the phone rang and it was someone for Keith. I answered the phone in the engine room, where Marmite was behaving rather oddly. I looked out on the pontoon where she was running around looking down to the water. It was then I heard a whimpering noise. With the water level low at the moment, I was able to bend down beside the boat and look under the pontoon, where I saw a little brown terrier whimpering. I tried to encourage it out, but it got scared and ran along the mud into the water and swam down to my neighbour Maria's boat. So I dashed to her mooring and called the dog. After a bit of soothing talk and good boy the little dog came out from beneath the pontoon and as it did so I grabbed its harness. I was thankful it had a harness and not a collar, because I may not have been able to fish it out of the water. The poor little thing was scared and very wet and cold. As I sorted it out a man called over the hedge "Has anyone see a small Brown dog". I told him I had it and that it had been under the pontoon. He reckoned it had jumped out of his mates car in the car park and jumped in the water. I told him in no uncertain terms that the dog should be on a lead, because it could of drowned. He did at least thank me, but I did not like the man himself. Poor little mite. This is why we have notices on site which asks dogs to be kept on leads.

Thankfully today has been less dramatic. I sent the OH off to do the weekly food shop and then I went and got Paddy his food from Trust Pets around the corner. I will probably be looking for another supplier though, because the prices has gone up by a little to much for my liking on his 15 kg bag of food. I have been doing a bit of research online and I have found the same food cheaper, which is a good thing. After lunch I got the strimmer out and trimmed above our garden and along the hedge line of the wildflower garden and car park beds. It is nice to keep them tidy and with the Open Gardens coming up on the 2nd July, everything needs to look nice. I have been picking Strawberries from our garden. Sorry I should of taken a photograph, instead we enjoyed eating them instead. I will try and remember next time. With the heat outside, I retired to the coolness of the boat. In my mature years I find I cannot sit out in the sun very long. There was a time when I would lay in the sun all day. But of course that is frowned upon these days, what with skin Cancer etc.

So here we are it is now 20.12 pm and I am watching Small Soldiers. Oh ladies Poldark is back on soon Smile. I wonder what this series will be like. Unfortunately I missed some of the last series due to us cruising, but with us stuck at home, I may just get some of it in this time. On the generator front, we are making progress and as soon as I have definite news I will let you know. All I can say is we are going for a Fischer Panda and we are organising a date to have our old one out and the new one put in, once it is ordered.

Right time to say “Cheerio”.

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