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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

It is coming along.


Hello Friends and Followers.

How are things in your life right now?

Things for me are coming along I am pleased to say. On one of my last posts about the Braunston weekend, I explained about our dead generator being taken out and how we were without water. Things have moved on a pace since then. Friday and Saturday were hire boat turn around days and Sunday was a well earned day off, so Sunday we took a stroll over to the Stockton Cutting and Tasker's Meadow Reserves, which is just over the road from where we are. You can see the photographs I took on my other BLOG. After such a wonderful stroll, we came back to the boat, changed and headed to The Boat Inn at Birdinbury Wharf, which is alongside the marina we are in right now at Stockton. we had reserved a table for Sunday lunch. On Sunday’s they only do roasts, which was exactly what we required. It has been sometime since we enjoyed a roast out and I for one was looking forward to it. Neither of us was disappointed believe me. The meal was incredible and most definitely the best we have had out. Neither of us could fit in a pudding, but we did not leave anything on our plates, which is testament to how good the food was. This was washed down with a nice pint of beer. After a huge lunch, I spent the afternoon watching ‘Deadwood’ on DVD. I am loving the series, I do however find the language grating, because I am not a lover or user of the F and C words, but the series itself I think is brilliant. Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant are both brilliant in it.

Monday 26th June.

Blimey what a dreadful nights sleep I had. I woke up at 5 am.


The one joy I had from being awake so early was the sunrise over the marina. it was sublime. I kind of said to myself, that maybe I was meant to see it and so should be grateful for being awake so early. Of course the only thing to do at that time of the morning is to make a brew.

Rob our engineer was with us after a turn around of hire boats again.


Our new Fischer Panda Generator was dropped in through the engine room doors.


The generator was then slide into position on a piece of steel. In position, new mounts were welded to the old ones, and the cocoon fitted temporarily. It just needs connecting up, exhaust, water cooling, fuel and electrics. Keith and Rob worked out where all the pipes were going to go and then they got on and put our Calorifier tank back in, so we could have our water back on. Because it was late in the day when the plumbing to the tank was finished, we decided not to turn the water on till Tuesday morning, just in case there were any leaks, so we used the marina shower for a refresh. I spent my evening crocheting and watching more ‘Deadwood’, until 8.45 am when I thought I should go out and wait for our Tesco food delivery to arrive, because something was telling me that it maybe early. I had booked it for between 9 pm and 10 pm. I got off the boat and began to walk up the ramp to see if I had a phone signal, because it is dreadful here. Behind me I heard an engine start up and thought it was a car coming up behind me, it was in fact the Tesco van. They were parked in the car park and I did not even notice them. I need to get new specs. The lovely delivery driver had arrived early and was just trying to work out where we were, so she could ring me, but thankfully with no signal, I was out there to help her with the food trays. It was nice to have some food again. Food on the boat and stowed away in what was an empty fridge, I settled back down to watching ‘Deadwood’ before calling time and going to bed just after 10 pm.

Tuesday 27th June.

We woke to rain stamping its feet on the roof of the back cabin and Marmite purring whilst lying on my legs. The air was certainly refreshed by the rain and the temperature was suitably chilled to a decent and more acceptable level. Tuesday is Robs day off, so we knew nothing was being done on the generator, but this did not stop us getting work done. First job was to turn the water on to fill the Calorifier. we began the fill only to find our water tank was empty, so filling to a halt, I had to fill the water tank before we carried on with the Calorifier fill. Taps running in the galley and bathroom we soon had water flowing again. Keith then got on and wired the new generator in, which is one less job for Rob to do.

So as you can see we are getting there.

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