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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Could not deliver my a**e.

Hello friends and followers.

We are another day closer to Christmas and I for one knows that for retail it is a nightmare, as I worked in retail for a while. I also know that for couriers it is difficult getting all the parcels delivered, so I should be a lot calmer about my delivery than I am. If you read my post on the 1st of December you will know I bought and sent back a Red rug, which did not match anything described or the photograph. I am pleased to say that has all been resolved and I have my refund and they have their shoddy rub back. I decided to have a nosey on Amazon for a rug, low and behold I found exactly what I wanted at a good price, so I went ahead and ordered it from them and waited for them to tell me it was on its way. On the 4th December I heard from Amazon that my rug was on its way and I could track it as it was coming via Hermes. This immediately rung alarm bells, because we have had issues with them before. Anyway, I thought it will be find Keep Calm. On the 4th December on the Hermes site it said that the parcel was with them, but it had been too big to deliver. What I thought, it is only a small rug 120cm x 160cm. Surely that is wrong. Anyway waited for an update and yesterday (5th Dec), the website aid it would be with the courier and delivered to me between 5pm and 9pm, which again rang alarms bells, because the site gate is locked at 5pm. But again keeping calm, I went onto their live chat to ask that the courier rings me when he is close by, so I can be there to open the gate. The gentleman I was chatting with said.
Thank you for the details. I will forward all the instructions by sending a message to the courier and also forward your contact number to call you before the delivery so that the parcel is delivered successfully,although we can't guarantee the courier will receive it on time for the delivery, every effort will be made to follow the instructions given.
I thought I had done all I could to make sure my parcel arrived without any inconvenience to the driver. I also decided I would wait at the gate just in case, he did not get my phone number. There was I wrapped up against the cold and rain with my chair, sat by the gate waiting and waiting and waiting. The OH even bought me a cup of coffee. I sat there from just before 5pm to gone 9pm and there was no sign of the courier. At this point cold and damp I went back to the boat and checked online to see what the site said. It reckoned he was still delivering between 5pm and 9pm. I was up till 10.30pm watching 'I'm a celebrity' and there was phone call.

This morning imagine my surprise when I went onto the tracking page to discovered the driver reckons he tried to deliver the rug at 9.46pm. I never got a phone call, if I had I would of gone to the gate. Why oh why do they want to deliver at that ungodly hour anyway?
So this morning I have been back online to the live chat. I should say you cannot ring this company, they want you to use their live chat. I was 240 in the queue. I eventually got through to yet another person and complained politely and told him what had happened. He told me it was back out with the courier, but at present it does not say so on their site. I have yet again told him to give the driver my number. So here I sit, waiting again I guess all day. I most definitely will not be sitting outside again tonight.
With the live chat I am pretty sure it is not from this country, so goodness knows if I will ever get my rug delivered. I have written a formal complaint to the company.

Pop back soon to see what happens xxx

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