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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Day 2: Christmas Holibobs

Hello friends and followers.

Ok I know I said I would see you on the other side of New Year, but hey I have a signal and some pictures to post, so thought why not.
We enjoyed a peaceful night at Tom o' the Wood. The weather was somewhat wet thought, at one point I thought the rain was coming it because it was so heavy. Anyway a good sleep was had and the aching joints were able to relax overnight, ready for the day ahead of us.
We set off at 9am and headed to Kingswood Junction.
The Lapworth flight was then the order of the day. I was on lock duty.
Because lock one is still out of commission, we had to turn on the next junction and use locks 21.
It was then onward and upward.
We did stop before the main flight, for a quick coffee and cake break. I needed every bit of strength I could muster for some of the paddle gear. We got a couple of locks up the main flight and there was a fisherman sitting on the end of the lock with his catch net hanging over the lock beam. Clearly that is what they are made for. Not only was that wrong, but he should not have been fishing in the pound. As soon as I asked him if he could remove his keep net (politely of course), he remarked that he was just leaving anyway. Onward up to lock 8 and we met a boat wooo hooo. The first and only boat in two days. I have to say I was a little worried about the gentleman, who was none to steady on his legs and smelt of drink. He assured me he was fine and that he had left all the locks set for us, which meant only one thing, he had been leaving all the bottom gates open. He was single handing and worried me as he climbed down the ladder to get back on to his boat. His cratch board and window, were smashed on his front deck, so I enquired what had happened, only to be told he smashed it off at the lift bridge. Such a worry. I helped him through the lock and he went on his way. I really think some folk should not be on boats. Anyway none of my business, so we carried on up through the top lock at Lapworth and through the swing bridge.
I stayed at the swing bridge, whilst Keith went and winded the boat and came back.
We are now moored up for Christmas and that means I will not be back now until the New Year, I promise.
Have a wonderful time, I know I will.

See you in 2019 xx

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